treading into clone-country...and lost...

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  1. Here's the deal...I tried cloning about 3 weeks ago and failed. I think because I subjected them to an extreme environment. Well, last night I tried again, woke up this morning and apparently didn't successfully accomplish my second attempt. Here is what I did:
    I created a separate box for the clones, instead of putting them under my 800 watt HPS light, I happened to have a couple of extra fluoros lying around. I set the box up, yada yada, yada...then clipped 3 4" clippings, dipped them into clonex rooting compound, then placed them into the "Clone sponge" that had been soaking (water) for the past half hour. I then placed them into the box (4.5 feet long, by 1.2 feet wide) and placed the lights about 8" above them. I could already tell that they were beginning to wilt, but remained optomistic.....the night was my friend. I was awoken this morning by my trusty roommate informing me that they were, for lack of a better word, fucked. I raised the light about 20 minutes ago to a few feet above them. They look pathetic, unlike the mother plants they were created from. Somebody please help because I'm tired, pissed, and frustrated.
  2. I only hope to keep them in this box only long enough for root development...then they will be placed into my grow room with the HPS/MH. Would it be better to put them in the HPS room?
  3. bottled water ,and what strain dude ,it dose sound like what your doing is going to make a diff man ! it may be a hard strain to clone try jiffys and as little water as you can let them suck it up from the tray under them ! are you pushing the clone into the sponge if you are make a small hole first, so the sponge dose not push the gel off as you are pushing it in , just think of better sex dude !lol and some strains like ww just dont clone well at all no matter what you do !some well start in water with a air bubbler or cloner dude ! !good luck
  4. That's odd, I've always had about a 90% success rate when cloning white widow. Have patience's going to take about a week for the clones to root. Keep the flourescents as close as you can and open the box a couple times a day to let fresh air in and stale air out. Remember to keep it humid.
  5. you lucked out than read the post at the edge that talks mainly about ww and some of it hard to clone strains , some are like you say odd ,nirvana has a strain that sometimes is hard to clone other times not !but there is a real good post on this it is not just me saying it i share the idea with others as well as if you read the write up at most of the seed banks some say easy to clone why others state dose not clone well they dont realy want to come right out and say this because it would hert sales ,point is i ment what isaid and beleave it or i would not have said it ! and best thing yet is he has not told us what strain he is useing yet !a lot of older strains dont clone good as well ! i have a good cloneing rate but ever now and than i run across one of these strain and it can be a pain in the ass !i have throwen out strains for it !but than again i grew 17 strains this year so far ! and i am going to auctions to by newer strain hybrids to get away from homemade strains that use those older strains ! for the most part you are right cheeba and new growers often make unknow misteaks wich one would think would have nothing to do with the clones them selfs !they do make some addtives that help these strains but i grow organic and dont realy care to add them to my mix ! in med weeds natural organic is better !well this post allready shows the same thing i was talking about this shit happens in strain at times and if you real like the strain you well have to do some reading and find out if it you and what you are doing or just the strain in the frist place ,to save time start with the strain some times they have a set way to clone a strain and once found most never have a hard time again ! good luck tazz11
  6. Sounds as if you possibly may have allowed air to block capillary action when the cutting was taken,,,,take cutting and immediately place into cool water for a time before dipping in solution,,,you can cut again under water to be sure not to get air...

  7. thats allso a good point ,i cut twice my self ,

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