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    yeah and its obvious that you have something against Hispanics.. Zimmerman could be dead in the streets of Sanford and all you care about is political correctness! Bunk. You are stumbling upon the BUILDING BLOCKS of democracy, proceed with caution. The People of Florida demanded the Stand Your Ground Law be passed to protect their right to defend themselves from dangerous peoples! You hippies climax to the thought of the 2nd amendmant being abolished. What heppened to self defense? What heppened to laws? What heppened to justice?


  2. Except he wasn't standing his ground, he was hunting. Phone convo told him NOT to follow. How exactly is following someone when told not to and then shooting them when they aren't armed, self defense? I fully support gun rights in this country, and am a gun owner myself, but when someone abuses their right to own a weapon they should be dealt with. Owning a gun doesn't make it ok to chase people just because YOU think they look suspicious.

  3. I want to see how they are gonna rule this. There is no way Zimmerman feared for his life man. If you ask me, I believe zimmerman is a straight up bitch made dude. The "Stand Your Ground" act shouldn't even be used in this case. I just hope the Plaintiff's lawyer rips Zimmerman a new asshole. And if and once he goes to jail.. for being bi racial, and especially for being White/Mexican.. Ahh man, this dude might end up killing his self if he can't even fight a 140 pounder without a weapon..
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    where? I can't find it
    Edit: Just wanna say this is a tragedy, and Zimmerman will be arrested without a doubt in my mind.

    Sanford PD checked Travyon for intoxication , but not Zimmerman. They believed his story about being attacked from behind even thought that conflicted with his phone call where he was following Tray. Fuck these pigs, they clearly wanted to let him off
  5. I feel bad for the kid, But shit, I think its really about this dousche Zimmerman. And the people with like mindsets and shit.

    What the fuck was he thinking, Dude disregarded police and "went hunting" as a previous poster so cleverly worded it.

    I wonder who all has become distracted by this, Cos in reality Im almost 100% sure this kinda shit happens a lot more than it would seem/ the media broadcasts.

  6. Well on the other side of town, 10 mins away you'll get plenty of murders. this was in a "safe" area and it was apparently racial profiling, so thats why I think its getting so much attention.

  7. Makes sense, I guess I thought about that, Dunno why it slipped my mind.

    Herpity derpity.

    Racial profiling is a big thing where I reside. Now granted we also don't have many vigilantes killing young dudes without "warrant"....But even when cops do its a pretty big deal so this whole thing just strikes me as odd.:confused:
  8. OK, This is a terrible event and the kid deserves justice but really.... I know over six "friends" (email pen pals) of mine who got killed protesting in Syria and I dont see their names on CNN or FOX this story is blown way outta proportion by the media. Fuck, while I wrote this thousands more black people were killed by racist genocidal shits in E. Africa but they dont get a petition to stop that, no they dont even get your thoughts. All im saying is that this shit happens all the time and normally much worse than one kid (try the 400 ugandan kids who all just got murdered last week), but it doesnt come up on your tv screen so you dont give a shit. RIP Trayvon hopefully the world wont be this ignorant forever. Everyone deserves justice, no life is more important than another.

  9. wrong. Sooooo wrong..

    You dont know the facts. Innocent until proven guilty.
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    Says you with the white guy as his avatar.... Fuck off you racist piece of feces. Any minority has more worth than any ignorant bastard like yourself.

    Name-Calling/Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR
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    But that is the facts..
  12. if you guys cant keep your conversations clean and your opinions on the law to yourself, then this thread is going to get shut down.

    there is no need for name calling.
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    I'll be one of the few to say that I don't know exactly what the kid did, but if you all think you have it this completely figured out by reading the link OP provided, you must not think things through in very much detail.

    If any of you have other sources on what happened I'd be interested in reading, but the fact is we don't know for certain whether or not the kid was threatening the man's life.

    I have a feeling he didn't and that the man should be brought to justice, but I'm not going to come across as ignorant and state my gut feeling as a fact without better sources.

    Edit: I signed the position because I think he should atleast stand trial. I hope all of you that are bitching about this took the time to do so.
  14. This fucking troll.. people like you is what is fucking wrong with this world :eek:
  15. They now have witnesses saying that Zimmerman was holding Martin face down on the ground. That's why you heard him screaming, crying for help.

    My guesses is that Martin got the best of Zimmerman by getting away from him and Zimmerman just pulled the trigger.
  16. I love how anyone here who even brings up the possibility of Zimmerman shooting in self-defense is instantly called racist. :rolleyes:

    We don't know all the facts, and I'm not going to join in another internet witch hunt as if I know exactly how it all went down that night.

    I think the guy should stand trial and it should be decided in court, that's as far as I'll go.
  17. [quote name='"junkiedays"']I love how anyone here who even brings up the possibility of Zimmerman shooting in self-defense is instantly called racist. :rolleyes:

    We don't know all the facts, and I'm not going to join in another internet witch hunt as if I know exactly how it all went down that night.

    I think the guy should stand trial and it should be decided in court, that's as far as I'll go.[/quote]

    Agreed, but after hearing the 911 call it isn't exactly looking good for Zimmerman. He followed some kid and ended up fighting him, and shot an UNARMED child. At the very least he should be held as a prime suspect and most likely be charged with 1st degree murder. It's either that or some vigilante is going to murder his ass.

  18. Sure I don't believe hes a racist, seeing that he's bi racial his self. I'm just saying hes a cold blooded murderer and he should be in jail right now.

    Martin's girlfriend said Martin was pushed to the ground because the bluetooth went dead as soon as he asked why he was being followed. They have witnesses saying they saw Zimmerman hold Martin face down on the ground and saying that it Zimmerman wasn't acting in self defense. Then you have that 911 call from another witness hearing someone calling for help. Couldn't have been Zimmerman, had to have been Martin and I'm assuming Martin was yelling for help while he was being held on the ground by Zimmerman.

    And bow, Martin is dead.. I'm just saying, fill in the blanks. What could possibly be happening when Martin was pinned to the ground, and Zimmerman pulling the trigger.

    More than likely he will be charge with killing him. I'm just saying, we live in a fucked up society.
  19. There is also now a witness saying that Zimmerman was the one on the ground being attacked.

    He could be wrong, he could be lying, he could have been coerced into it, he could have been mistaken. But maybe not, who am I to say? That should be decided by a jury, not a bunch of people on the internet getting caught up in a witch hunt.
  20. The one and only witness who saw what happened told police that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman beating his face in. The media is establishing a narrative here, describing Zimmerman as "white" in thousands of articles, and showing photos of a young and frail Treyvon from 3 years ago. Also describing the neighborhood as "mostly white" (49%) and low crime, and NOT reporting statements from the one and only witness who was there.


    Zimmerman was told by a 911 dispatcher not to follow Treyvon. 911 dispatchers are not law enforcement and nobody is legally obligated to follow their advice. From the point that Zimmerman called 911 to the point that the witness saw Treyvon beating Zimmerman, there is zero evidence that Zimmerman broke any laws. Even if Zimmerman bothered Treyvon by approaching him and asking his business (which anybody has the right to do), that doesn't give Treyvon the right to jump on top of him and beat his face in.

    Zimmerman was certainly reckless, confronting Trayvon on the street at night and anybody knows that it's dangerous to do that, but that doesn't constitute a crime nor does it give Trayvon the right to beat Zimmerman's face in. BTW, does anybody know why Trayvon was suspended from school for 5 days at the time? His records have since been sealed, I wonder what they're hiding?

    Why should Zimmerman stand trial if he didn't break any laws? How would you like to stand trial if you acted within the law? Don't fret, I'm sure Eric "my people" Holder will prosecute him for denying Trayvon his civil right to beat the shit out of anybody who "disses" him.

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