Travis First Cfl Grow. Tips are welcome. Please look (Pictures inc)

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by TravisFowler, May 29, 2009.

  1. The big plant is 9 days old the ones in the cans are 3.

    1 23 watt cfl 1 13 watt cfl 1 3 speed fan off till other sprout.

    Giving them water with 5-6 pinches of sugar in it.

  2. Im no expert but i do not think that is enough lighting, do you plan on adding more in a bit?
  3. Yes when i find another lamp. Should i let them grow for like another week than transplant them and flower?

    Also you live in indiana? Same here.

    I got 4 babies outside hah Im in Indianapolis,west side
  4. Whats going on Travis. Welcome to GC... I am new here as well and have been reading up on tons of awesome tips, from the type of soil to the type of water you should be adding... shit is pretty awesome here on GC... so if you want, you should check out my grow. I have some pic and tons of specs you could check out. good luck

    Happy Growin
    The Phantom
  5. Thank you very much I love your setup.
  6. Bought some new shit. Should i just get rid of the plants i have now and start fresh with the 2 new pots and new germinated seeds? I already have them

  7. Personally I wouldn't waste the plants you already have now.. I mean not for nothing to tell you the truth... your plans will grow no matter what!!! it's mother nature. we add organic additives to help mother nature along her way... so you should totally keep those sprouts.

    heres what I think you might want to do.... wait for the sprouts' roots to reach the walls of your cups/cans... the second you see roots touching the side, water the pot of soil you have with 1/2 distilled water and 1/2 spring water, your PH should be between 6.4-6.6, with a run off hopfully around 6.5... once you have your soil moist, place it under the light so the temp of your potted soil and your temp of your cup/can soil is aprox the same (you don't have to messure, just wait 24 hours) then transplant your sprouts to their final home wait another 2 weeks and put them under 12/12 lighting... and wait aprox 8 weeks and you'll have the goods!!!

    OH YEAH... right now you should have them under 24 hour lighting!!!

    Happy Growing
    The Phantom

  8. Thank you very much. I have already moved the other sprouted seeds outside. And have the other 2 under the light in their pots. Right when they sprout i will start 12/12
  9. ummmm.... why would you do that? you know you would only be yeilding like a gram if you do that.:confused: I would think that would be a waste of time... wouldn't you man?
  10. I have seen people yield over a half by doing this. You have to tie down the stems. So it gets big. And it will be the 3 times the size of when i put it on 12/12

  11. Right on... good luck! I'll be lookin checkin you out to see how it's comin along.

    Happy Growin
    The Phantom
  12. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Will this box be big enough for the whole grow session? if i put them on 12/12 after sprout?
  13. what are the measurments?

  14. Em its just like a camping tub. But i set it long way/ its probably a good 2 1/2 to 3 feet and 1 1/2 feet wide.

  15. that might be good for one of them. I doubt both
  16. If anything I'd try and look for a Better Soil. The Miracle-Gro soil usually has Additives (Not sure if yours does) and extra Nutrients which can cause Major problems, seen a lot of it about.

    Otherwise good luck with the grow & Welcome to GC! :smoke:
  17. Thank you very much. I was using regular top soil. But bought the miracle grow. On the back it says its for flowering plants :)
  18. I am by far no expert but do have experience with CFLs in the past and would highly advise you to add more lighting. Due to limited penetration from CFLs you should buy 23w ones rather then 45/65 etc as you can place for best effect.

    I think I should note that you should steer well clear of MG soil as it has time release nutes which for the most part will cause you some trouble through nute burn PH lockout etc

    Do you have nutes for when the soil can no longer support the plant growth?? I highly recommend spending as much time on here as possible and teach yourself the A B C's its not hard but will take time. There are also lots of videos which teach you almost all you need to know at least to get you started.

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