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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Elem3nt17, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. K well im going from alberta to newfoundland in a week and i wanna bring bud so heres my plan im gonna take an eight and pack it down as tight as achievably possible and then wrap it up in saran wrap, then im going to put it in a balloon and tie the end, then i can just throw it in my pocket and not wear ANY metal. i figure since balloons hold in air they should be fairly air tight, so even if i see a dog they wont smell it. sound like the best plan, or do u guys have any experiences?
  2. the best way ive heard is sealing it really well in a small baggie, then hiding it in the bottom of a full shampoo bottle, then all you do when you get to where your going is pull it out and switch it to a new baggie

  3. have u tried it, cuz i dont care what you heard i dont want to get busted.

  4. no but my manager at work has :) although this was before the terrorism shit went down, security is hella crazy now because of all that.
  5. most likely, they won't check the shampoo bottle and the dogs won't be able to tell either, but your crazy if you don't think a drug dog can't smell an eighth of mj in a balloon..
    later on
  6. not worth the risk. when you get there, look for somewhere to score some bud. i've never traveled somewhere and looked for weed, but i'm sure i'll have to someday. but, is it really worth it? think of how much could go wrong. when you drive to go pickup a half, you are aware of what all could happen. if you don't know what all the possibilities are you should just forget about it. you don't HAVE to have it do you? be strong.
  7. why fly when you can drive! same some money for gas and you dont have to worry about them finding anything. just dont be shady

  8. Your either stoned or stupid, im going to NEWFOUNDLAND, if i was going to BC i could walk down the road and find a dealer right away, but like i said newfoundland has little weed and what weed they have, you definetly dont want.
  9. And further more im not going to visit my overprotective grandparents without having something to relax with at night. so b 4 flaming me about not doing it, dont, all i need is tried and tested ways of getting weed through the airport, if you havent done it dont post it. thx
  10. you should be cool with even straight weed in your pocket. Canada to Canada flights dont have much security.
  11. yo adam thats what i thought, my only fear is when i get to toronto theyll have cop dogs, cuz torontos airport takes in alot of american flights.
  12. i've never been searched by a dog in toronto comming from atlanta USA and just carry it in the baloon in a pocket that wont bulge always has worked for me on business trips, oh and throw a couple of coffee beans in there if you're worried about smell
  13. Do not underetimate the power of a dog's nose lol

    Baloons are not airtight. And even less smell tight. Can't you just buy some when you get there? 's what I always do
  14. Dog's are good. A balloon won't do it. Hell, normal dog's could smell a bone wrapped in a baggie in a balloon. Trained dog's will pick up the scent.

    I'm in no way promoting you trying to get through security with weed but the balloon should at least go in the shampoo bottle if your going to try to get away with this.

    I don't recommend trying though. It isn't worth the risk.

    ...I saw no flaming in this thread. Did I miss something?
  15. i dont understand the whole shampoo bottle thing? i mean seeing as how they have machines to scan and see whats inside of all of your belongings how would they miss a random balloon in a shampoo bottle? just brings up some suspision to me
  16. most times the bottle is in another bag, like your bathroom bag, and the scanner can see it, but 199 times out of 200 no one will even notice... later on
  17. Yo reign thats exactly what i was thinking, personally i think putting weed inside your luggage is STUPID, I think the safest way is to carry it on you.
  18. Oh and sorry i dont mean flaming, im obviously gonna try it so dont post saying, dont do it its not worth the risk, is all im saying.

  19. somthing leads me to think its the other way around,for instace,I flew to ny from fl with a nice angel paintball gun and two empty nitrogen tanks, which i was thinking , was gonna cause some probs, but i droped the bag off at the curb and then sent it no prob whatsoever.

    if you have the pot on you and you step on the plane, in the terminal etc. theres gonna be more harsh on you then say you have a 8th in a shampoo bottle which has worked for 2 personal friends of mine luck or no luck they got away with it, you could just tell them the truth its a personal head stash and im sure what ever fines you were going to get wouldnt be as harsh or hopefully not serious jail time.
  20. tape it to your balls. might hurt a bit comin off though

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