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traveling with small amount..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jaemercs, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. well in a little im going to pick up a dub sack or two and im wondering if i should just throw it in my boxer waist band ... would the cops check there?

    i know the possiblility of me getting pulled over are somewhat slim but .. just incase
  2. I would definitely NOT keep it on you. Hide it in your trunk or any good hiding places that you can think of in your car but NOT on you. God forbid you get pulled over you don't want to have that shit on you.

    Didn't see you were from CT. where abouts? I am from Norwich. Cops typically aren't too harsh around here but better safe than sorry bro.
  3. im not driving btw ill be the passenger
  4. have your friend lock it in his glove box. know your rights. dont give them a reason to seach you.
  5. My Dad used to be a K-9 specialist and they can just whip out their dogs if you refuse a search, then if the dogs tip off the handler then they can search your car...

    never been in trouble in CT before, so I don't know if they are that serious around here...

    I know they aren't in parts of New York ;D
  6. Not a great idea to put anything in your glovebox. If you get pulled over, most people have registration and such in their glovebox, and that's really not the greatest idea to have an illegal substance hanging around in there while you have to dig for your papers...
  7. i know they got dogs in the next town over.. i went to a carnivl last year and there was atleast 10 dogs...
  8. so what exactly is wrong with weed in my boxer waist band if im the passenger?
  9. bump......
  10. to be honest i think thats just the best idea to put em in your're travelling with a couple dub sacks it's not like you're shovin an ounce in your ass but be careful that the sacks dont fall outta your waistband...
  11. just a guess...but i think they are allowed to search u without a warrant... usually under the cause they dont want you to have a weapon so they can search you....

  12. you still need to give them a reason to think you have a gun. the cops aren't THAT powerful.

  13. Where a pair of briefs and put it under your nuts. Most likely your good to take it wherever you go as long as you don't stink or smoke in the car. Put it in the glove or trunk and lock it up. I would say put it in your waistline or in your briefs.
  14. Just hide it good like under your center console see if your stick shift lifts up. If its well hidden and the porker asks to search you i would consent because he probably wouldnt find it but if you say no he gets the dogs which then he will know your rollin with bud
  15. ^ DONT listen to that guy (no offense)..if you do hide it in the center console and the cop does search your car you are FUCKED, im almost 100% sure he will find it, because they know many people hide it there and that would be one of the places he checks
  16. put it in your pocket. Avoid pubic hair. Youll be fine. if you get pulled, act normal... if you smoked and it will obviously wreak, eat it.
  17. hide it where the cops cant find it, e.g. in ur boxers. if u get pulled, act cool, consent to search, no problems here officer have a nice day.
  18. its worked for me once before under my center console then there was another like vinyl layer and then another crevice near the hand brake i put my dub bag down there. It wasn't really an official search he just looked real quick like visor under a couple seats and then just scanned around. He didn't find anything knock on weed. Unless you have previous possession charges there's no reason there going to search you for more then a minute. There is a law on then length of the search i forget the details.
  19. Not exactly true.
    I took a criminal justice class a few years ago and I remember clearly that under search and seizure laws. A cop in a routine stop CAN (for their own protection) do a quick "pat down" of the waist band and pockets to be sure the person being questioned does not have any weapons. They CAN NOT go into any pockets or waistband if they don't feel anything resembling a weapon though.
  20. Hide it in... meat? So if the dog goes after said meat, you can give the police officer the excuse that the dog is going on your meat.

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