traveling with seeds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Jett, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Ill be taking an airplane down to the virgin islands from Washington state do u think its a good idea to bring some seeds(not actual weed) down with me? and if so how would u suggest?
  2. all things cannabis sativa (weed, leaves, stems, seeds, etc) are illegal in the U.S.

    To be on the safe side just wait till you get to your destination and get some weed, I'm sure you'll find a seed or two you can use.
  3. I would mail then back to myself instead.
  4. its all illegal.

    but, IMO, seeds in a small number wouldnt be that hard to smuggle. Im sure you can get creative....I would probably try to get them in my carry-on if it were me, but Im the kinda guy that wants to be able to see it coming if I get busted LOL.
  5. well Im leaving tomorow morning an I decided to put them in the inside of a pen. Thats the way I brought weed up here from the virgin islands so it should definitley work with seeds on the way back since they dont carry the heavy scent....
    and btw, of course I know its illegal....
  6. Take out the ink thingy from the inside of a pen and put them in there.
    put them in a mascara or makeup kit. I have a friend who actually brought a nug accidentally from Jamaica and was able to pass without trouble.

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