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traveling with firecrackers question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by primo914, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. #1 primo914, Nov 23, 2011
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    Sup fellow stoners..k so next month i will be going on vacation and i really dont want to be on a 12 hr flight completly sober. I have a long time traveling and being smacked off my ass would greatly help.... I plan on smoking some nice blunts on the way to the airport that should be enough to keep my high for a hr or 2 by the time i get on the plane ill be sober .i was thinking of making some firecrackers to keep my high throught the whole the question is should i be ok with just puttin like 3 or 4 firecrackers in my carry on inside a sealed little box of oreos or somthing of that sort.on the xray machine im prety sure they wont be able to tell the diffrence.. i just want to hear from sum1 who has done this before lmk how it went for u/tips

    thanks guyzzz happy smoking!:smoke:
  2. I have also wondered about that. Can you even bring outside food through security? Is it an international flight cuz that can make things more strict too?
  3. yea im pretty sure they allow a snack without much flying from jfk to mia for my first flight then to argentina south america..
  4. I also think it should be fine. Last time I went on a flight, I carried 2 brownies with me and I got in just fine.
  5. FUCKK NOOOO, thats a stupid idea. Just eat them all before you go on :cool:

    I've done it several times, been baked as hell going through security. It's fuckin sweet bro. I was even on unmentionables (and snuck them through and had my shit searched by a dog but it's all good) I will never risk that again and it was a in the heat of the moment type thing. It's not worth the risk for a drug trafficking charge, plus if they knew the shit i had i would have been in prison for YEARS. Don't even fucks with it
  6. Agree with Recovery, eat before you go through danger zone
  7. Just try not to smoke before eating the firecrackers. I've heard of them not working so many times and every time, the person smokes before they eat them.. eat a couple right before you go through security, and you'll start feeling it once you get on the plain.
  8. yeah i'd say to eat em right before u get to security. thats what i did last time and they really stared to kick in right as the plane was taking off. if you can handle your shit, i'd say eat a lot. its awesome.
  9. thanks guys i guess ill just eat a couple before i get to the security point... just to keep it safe
  10. I'd suggest you make some hash brownies and eat one right as you approach the airport. An hour or so later you'll be on the plane with a nice, strong body buzz to make sitting in those awful seats more tolerable.
  11. I've been on a plane to California from PA and ate about 4 Firecrackers. I would've had more, but my friend ate some on the way to the airport. But no problems through security, I just kept it in my friends purse. They were in a Ziploc and my friend just explained they were crackers she had to take with her medicine.

    But since you're going on an INTL flight it may be different.
  12. don't do firecrackers because theirs still green in it. if u travel i suggest making oil and taking that

  13. Use Nutella!
    Also, bringing a flammable liquid on a plane would be hard.
    Imagine bringing a flammable liquid that contains drugs?
  14. yah but i actually meant putting the oil in food before bringing it on the plane

  15. Ah I see, that'd work.
    Or like tea or something would be allowed. Bring your own teabags? lol.

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