Traveling to Europe this summer Suggestions Please

Discussion in 'General' started by mugzy3, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. :hello: My house is about ten minutes away from one of the churches on the route.

    Just thought i'd share that, seeing as i've never seen anyone else mention it really. And yes, plenty of picturesque towns and villages along the route.
  2. Dude that's awesome! I want to go when I graduate! Who knows I might knock on your door and be probably won't remember it by then
  3. I'd suggest you get a flight to Amsterdam, and then pick up a months rail pass. Means you can get a good smoke, stock up on some greenery, then travel at your leisure. Borders within the EU are lax outwith airports so trains are a safe bet if you want to take smoke around with you.

    One city I'd recommend is Barcelona. You won't want to leave.
  4. this summer im going to venice. and after that im planning a trip through europe, so far i have like £2000 so i really need to start hustling. i hope to go to spain, paris, a-dam, greece, and everything inbetween as i will most likely take highbinders method ^ i hope that i can stay in some places for a month or two and work a little bit. if i get enough money im going to continue to the middle east (dubai) and hopefully INDIA.........ah that would be awesome.
  5. Go to barcelona and madrid, Spain man. Fuckin awesome and theres a lot of cannabis tourism there
  6. I never got to go to Europe this summer... only got to go to Brasil! =]
  7. I'm going to go backpacking throughout europe next summer also, so I'm subscribing to this. I plan on getting a eurorail pass for easy travel and spending some time in germany, as I have a friend that lives there. Other than that I don't have many plans though. There are a lot of goodbacking blogs out there, you just have to find them. I'm on my phone right now, but if I remember to do it later ill post some links.
  8. A certain rather stern-looking man says

    "Son, I am disappoint"


  9. There is always this summer =] better late then never!
  10. dont end up in hostel 3...
  11. Iv heard that's a bad idea because they ARE searching people on trains, even buses leaving Amsterdam.
    Im going to salzburg this summer. All the places mentioned are intriguing but... Without bud.. Would have a element I enjoy missing. Iv heard Berlin Zurich and Geneva might be place's where one could score. webehigh is dated info.

    What places other than Amsterdam can you pick up a small bag pretty easy in Europe?

  12. Hey man backpacking in Europe..amazing idea..and romantic if played just right. Went to Italy with my siblings and mom and had the greatest time there.aswell as London..cental London. However London is EXPENSIVE, straight up.we had family living in central by Harrodds do we crashed there.

    As for Italy..Pompeii was much much mystery. Just amazing. Naples is fucking sketch. Rome wad beautiful..Florence was chill.Pisa was a shithole. The tower isn't even that see it once you've seen it a dozen times status. Check out that museum sistine chapel and all that religious coolness. Also Spanish steps in Rome is fucking G. Go there to buy shit.

    However don't give in to buying hotels and motels and holiday innnns, say whut, haha but seriously look into furnished apartments..they are superiorly better than Hotels. They are a little more expensive, but you get to dive in a new neighborhood and get several beds, showers for you and cook area to maker danks. we stayed in furnished apartments and it was one of the best things we decided to do. so yea..a little more expensive but worth it..not even that much more expensive..instance..50$ a night hotel.. 65$ night for several bedrooms, kitchen, living room, showers, space.

    So yes also romantic I heard goa beach in India south Gujarat. I've never been there but everyone goes for honeymoon and I'm planning to go there when I get days off from college

    So good luck

  13. I've never had any issues on trains other than via the Chunnel from London to Brussels and again from Paris to London (which makes sense). Aside from that, no issues.

    Pretty much anywhere...Prague is very weed friendly. Portugal, especially in Lisbon, anything goes...people were even giving out free samples (hash, weed, and ____). LOL Spain is weed friendly as well.

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