Traveling to Europe this summer Suggestions Please

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  1. My girlfriend and I are hoping to backpack a bit of Europe for about a month maybe a little longer. Any suggestions on places to visit to see.. I like wildlife of all kinds and nature and drinking, as for weed i have a little paranoia so i was wondering when i hit up Amsterdam what do you guys suggest would be the best interest for me to get, since i hear they have all kind of edibles. As for my gf she like museums and likes to take pictures ect... more artsy we both love the beach and just nice places to see if you guys can help me... and of course point me in the direction of some romance so i can surprise her=] Just lemme know any insight of places throughout Europe that the train connects with...

    Thanks all in advance!
  2. I had a friend once who traveled to Europe.
  3. and one last thing where is usually the cheapest place to fly into from Washington dulles airport!
  4. You should check out some castles! haha I dunno if you guys are into that stuff, but I think they would be amazing to see and plus I bet your gf could get some pretty crazy pictures of them.
  5. that sounds nice u know any off the top of your head? besides disneyland =] lol
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    Dublin. London isn't THAT expensive but taxes are higher. I've seen cheap direct flights to Amsterdam before. Check here: Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets, Cheap Plane Tickets, Cheap Airfare

    As far as what to see/ where to go...that's a tough call. I liked Amsterdam a lot, been there twice. I really love Munich Germany, also been there twice. The city and surrounding area are lovely. Neuschwanstein Castle is a must if you visit Munich. London is cool for a big city and there is a ton of history (Tower of London dates to 1066 for example) but it's VERY expensive so that's up to you...things to see in/around London are Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Warwick Castle, Roman Baths @ Bath England, and of course Stonehenge.

    Paris is cool for museums, the people are assholes tho...they hate everyone. The Louvre of course and right across the river is the Musée d'Orsay. The south of France near the Spanish border you might like more. Google these places: Cathar Castles, Rennes Le Chateau, Collioure, Carcassonne, Nimes France. And then you could easily shoot down south into Spain and visit Barcelona...neat stuff to see there. I liked Madrid too so if you do end up in Spain, it's worth checking out.

    I really liked Prague and it's one of the cheapest places to visit. I've been there twice, once in summer and once in winter - fun both times. Can't beat a .5 Liter beer for $1.50 (or less!). Tons of stuff to see there, great for photography. It's easy to get pot too, just hang out in the old town square and you'll be offered. A bar I frequented was Propaganda Pub, it is underground and has a bunker/communist museum theme going on.

    Not necessarily the Europe you are thinking of but I really liked Istanbul Turkey. I actually blogged about it recently.

    Hope this helps!
  7. Just noticed that you "romance" - that's easy...Italy. Venice is def worth seeing, very photogenic and romantic for couples. I like Rome the most, been there a couple times...people say that Florence is better but I didn't agree. I like Rome over Florence but in Florence you can shoot over to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower and wine country.

    Some of the best beaches I've been to are on the Southeastern Spanish coast. The Costa Blanca and the Costa Del Sol. Look up Javea, Spain - Moraira, Spain - Benidorm, Spain and then further down Malaga, Spain. All have amazing beaches to offer.

    If you are that far south in Spain you can also shoot down to Morocco and experience a totally different culture - there are also amazing beaches there.
  8. thanks my friend! im gone read more in detail and research this week of everything you posted! And turkey i was definitely interested in going too... does the train run over their? and the plac ei always wanted to go but dont know Sweden anything interesting their to see?
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    Right on, let me know if you have anymore questions. I'll help any way I can. :smoke:

    Trains have gotten a lot more expensive - I'd suggest flying city-to-city. Having said that, be sure to travel LIGHT. If you can get by on a carry-on and do laundry when needed (every city has a laundromat) that's ideal. Otherwise stick to no more than 20kg (44lbs) for 1 checked bag (some airlines are free bags, others charge. I hated "Easy Jet" and have heard horror stories about Ryan Air so I'd avoid them at all costs. I liked Niki Airlines, Swiss Air, Turkish Air, and Vueling Airlines the best).

    If you must travel by train, be mindful that most cities aren't as close as they look on a map. I made the mistake on my first trip over of scheduling the following cities: London, Amsterdam, Munich, Paris, London. Most of them are upwards of 8 hours apart by train and some require you to change trains. The train is a nice option though, much more room than an airplane and of course there is a bar car...but definitely compare each option (plane or train) before deciding keeping both price & travel time in mind.

    I have never been to Sweden but have heard nothing but good things about Scandinavia in general.
  10. Paris is a very romantic city.

    Some beautiful sights there.

    I would definitely recommend Paris.
  11. I have been to Italy twice.






    The country is absolutely beautiful. The museums are awesome and the culture is amazing.
  12. Naw man sorry I've never been there I just know when I do go I will definitely check out some castles.
  13. tahnks for all the input guys im doing some research on the places u guys/gals said!
  14. If your heading to Italy definitely check out Florence, its the best. I also recommend Greece i've never been but have herd great things.

  15. Greece is cool, I spent a decent amount of time in Athens. Tons of history and things to see there. Athens is a good walking city and many day trips are available: Delphi (Temple of Apollo), Mycenae, Nafplio, Epidaurus, Olympia, Cape Sounion (Temple of Poseidon).
  16. ye ill definitely Greece =]
  17. well for museums.. theres a Marijuana/Hemp museum in amsterdam, and for some romance afterwards, you can take you gf to the live sex show.

    haha.. on a more serious note.. ive been to europe three times.

    all 3 times i went to paris.. dont skip it. touristy in a lot of areas, yea, but its really nice there, i can't get enough of that atmosphere.. not to mention all the beautiful girls to your left n right ;)
    seeing the beaches of Normandy is something else, i loved it.. and of course go to the top of the eiffel tower, despite the ridiculous line, and go to the top of the belltower at notre dame. great views.

    been to london once, definitely worth going, i was there in the winter though.. was really cool since it snowed on new years eve! stonehenge was pretty sick.. seeing the english countryside is a worthy way to spend your time.. took a tour out to Bath, which was a very old small quiet town.. go!

    Been to Italy twice. dont miss it! rome is overrated to be honest. worth seeing everything, dont get me wrong, but i just didnt enjoy it as much as some other cities. Venice is amazing, must go.. you can just wander the alley ways by the canals for a while.. and just taking a 30 second walk from St. Marcs Square it gets DEAD quiet.. just walk a little more inland from it and you'll see, so peaceful and serene. the whole city is great, only thing is it might feel kinda sketch later at night, gets dark.
    florence is good too, but both times i went, i stayed about 20 miles out in a tiny little medieval city (not joking when i say medieval, its been there since the 1400s, fucking beautiful Italian town)... was called Figline (only a 15 minute train ride into Florence each day). look it up, you and your gf would love it.. still has an authentic look and feel, cobblestone streets, tiny family owned shops/restaurants everywhere, small town center..quiet, nice people, 10/10 for food, cheap! (its not touristy AT ALL).
    been to Naples also, only once, its not the greatest, but hiking up Mount Vesuvius is pretty cool.. it IS a volcano, you get to walk along the top and see down in it.

    Amsterdam is a must :)
    stick to the red light district and youll have a lot of fun, pretty self explanatory, but definitely one of my top 3 favorites, put it that way.

    Turkey! i know it might sound odd.... but i've been to Istanbul and Kusadasi. both were amazing, the culture difference is what drew me to like Turkey.. really interesting, nice people. me my bro and our friend spent an hour talking to a random shop owner in one of the bazaars (basically a long street of tiny touristy shops on either side).. he invited us in, offered apple tea (delicious as hell, get some if you go), and sat us down and we started sharing cultures, talkin about our home and him talking about his, was so cool. (This guy was from a town called "Batman", Turkey, i shit you not, look it up, it exists).. also really easy to find hashish if you wanted. haha i wouldnt fuck around in turkey though..
    anyway, if youre going to that side of europe/border of asia... go to Kusadasi or Istanbul.

    Been to Greece, was pretty interesting, but more of a history lesson in my opinion, went to some ruins. i was only 16 at the time so i dont think i was able to appreciate it as much.. all i remember of it was seeing a lot of ruins and it being hot as hellllll... miserably hot. went to Athens and Mykonos. worth seein if your over there, but i wouldnt make it a must.

    and Madrid, Spain.. pretty cool place. good steak :yummy: i dont know if it was just our luck, but when i went, we came across a lot of assholes... go to Barcelona instead if you go.

    sorry for the rant, but if ya want any more specificity or advice PM me! :D
  18. amsterdam/barcelona/paris are all fuckin awesome.
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    Personally, i'd recommend Edinburgh, yeah granted the weather is pretty poor, but the sights of the city, the castle and history around; and the Scottish scenery are really quite something. London isn't that far away, but that is a usual on tourist routes in Europe.

    France is great for its wide choice of destinations. There are the Alpes, if you like mountains, Paris is a city everyone ought to try and visit at least once, the beaches and mediterranean climate of Provence, the Loire valley is lovely. Monet's house and garden are good if you like that sort of thing. Bordeaux and the wine region around are good if you like drinking, and beautiful countryside.

    Amsterdam, little needs saying. Have fun there.

    In Spain, Madrid has wonderful museums, Cadiz is by the sea, plenty of old historic sight, it has great weather, and a completely different culture and way of life for me, anyway. The beaches and resorts are a good place to unwind, but go to a good one, as there are plenty of crappy ones too. Plus stuff is a lot cheaper there, I find.

    Have fun OP

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