Traveling to Europe - how much $?

Discussion in 'General' started by grizzlybearman, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. How much money should I bring on a trip to Europe over the summer?

    I get a plane ticket for relatively cheap, probably around 500 for both ways.

    I plan on walking/using train to go from the UK to France to Amsterdam to Germany and down to Italy. All of this over a course of about a week and a half hopefully, spending only about 2 days in each major city.

    Any advice?? I'm an American. But I'm thinking 2 grand...will this be enough? Note I don't pay much for plane tickets, and probably will live semi-frugally (not buying every souvenir I see lol)

    first time to Europe...

    and are youth hostels really a good idea? I feel like I may get raped, abducted, or robbed.
  2. Yeah 2 grand should cover you just about fine for a week and a half, is that including the 500$ for plane tickets though or outwith?

    Yep walking is great, but train might be a little bit more expensive especially if your just booking at the time of departure, buses may be a more viable option though I'm not sure how they operate in mainland Europe.

    What cities other than Amsterdam are you visiting? Make the most of your trip when your there, can't stand groups that just hug the coffeshops all day.. It's such a grand city with so much to see and do that it should be totally take advantage of, e.g. The Van Gough museum, cannabis museum, canal rides, exploring one of the many parks.

    And yep Youth Hostels should be absolutely fine. Basically their just like very cheap (and basic) hotels, you pay for what you get in a sense. But if your just after somewhere to rest and get breakfast in the morning their perfect. In my past experiences I've met some super cool people in hostels too. Getting raped/abducted or robbed is just a myth and most of these places have pretty high standards (although I reckon some parts of Eastern Europe could be pretty shady). Any of the above is more likely to happen down some back alley in London at midday lol.

    Finally, all the best. Have a great trip dude, beautiful content we have over here and hope you enjoy it to the fullest.
  3. Holy shit, your gonna go to UK France Italy Germany AND Amsterdam in only a week in a half? Either make your trip longer, or only do 1 or 2 countries. You'll enjoy it a hell of alot more, unless you want to be sitting on a train half your trip.
  4. Don't go your gonna get raped and become a sex slave. Please don't go.

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