Traveling to Colorado.

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  1. My fiancé and I are planning a week long trip to Denver. We plan on buying some recreational weed. My question is to the locals. Where can we smoke? Are most local hotels with smoking rooms open to smoking marijuana the same way you can smoke cigarettes?

    Any suggestions as to weed friendly hotels, best pot shops in the Denver area, and must see locations for tourists.

    Thanks in advance!

    Really looking for local responses, but if you've visited since recreational sales started I would appreciate your input as well.
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  3. Not a local and I haven't personally went but my good friend, his sister and her bf went and they stayed in a smoking hotel room and had no problems. And they said starbuds was the best shop they went to with good prices. And also you can look on craigslist for bud there. And I guess sometimes they will even deliver it to you

    Everything better with a bag of weed.
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