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Traveling to Cali - need advice pls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yanojl, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hello all, I am a noob and am seeking advice re: MMJ in California (please!)

    I live in Florida and will be traveling to California next week. I have been diagnosed by an physician with anxiety/depression, and was given 2 prescriptions (Zoloft and Klonopin). I am not a big fan of these Rxs - the side effects are a little strong for my liking.

    I will be in Cali for 10 days. Since MMJ is still illegal in my home state, I am interested in trying medical marijuana while in Cali as an alternative; but I do not know what to do.

    I will be flying in to LAX, and driving up to San Luis Obispo (Driving through Ventura, Santa Barbara, etc.)

    Should I stop by a dispensary and purchase? Do I stop at a doctors office first for a MML Rx? I am a little confused as to the process in your state, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. i think you have to be a resident of CA in order to get a card. (or possibly at least a card holder in another state.. but i donno for certain on that)
  3. Yes, you must be a resident of California to obtain a CA State MMJ card. The dispensaries will not honor an out of state card.
  4. You have to be a resident for 6 months. There are ways around this, but it is "illegal".

    You can't just drop into a dispensary and get MMJ because of your depression. Just like you need a prescription to get your Zoloft, you need one to get MMJ, and that's what a card is.
  5. I see. So without CA residency.. No Rx, No Card.

    Without a card, a dispensary can not serve me.

    Yeesh, I'm screwed. I live in a State stuck in the dark ages (FL). We can't even vote right.

  6. you dont need to be a resident for 6 months, you just need a california i.d. with a residential adress
  7. sucks for you bro... best bet... move lol

  8. hmmm. Sadly, as a Florida resident, I have neither.
  9. Uh some of these fucking people have never been to California, obviously.

    You don't need a california license, and some doctors will just allow you to use your hotels address.

    Your only issue is finding a dispensary that also accepts out of state ID's, of which there are plenty.

    If you don't know, don't pretend.

  10. DS, pls clarify. Can I take my current Rx info, some form of valid ID and my hotel address to a dispensary? will that work?

  11. You know different parts of California do things differently right?

    I've never heard of a doctor using a hotel address either, that seems super sketch imo. Those aren't the legit doctors lol.
  12. If you can stop in to Venice on the boardwalk near muscle beach, there's a doctor that will allow you to just walk in with your ID and a hotel address, get you situated, and send you next door to the hash bar and dispensary.
  13. Thanks for info. I'm looking to go to CA as well getting out of TX.... any recomindations about what area would be easy in CA for out of state person comming in ? any Dr. recomindations I could call?? Thanks again... Frank
  14. The guys looking for a way he can try medical. I'm telling him exactly how he can without a residential address and without California state ID.

  15. Fair enough.

    I still don't suggest it though. Shady doctors, shady dispensaries, SHNEH! :devious:

  16. That sounds promising. If you know the name, and are allowed to share that info w/o violating the terms of this board, a PM would be greatly appreciated.

    PS: That's about the only reason I can see myself on muscle beach LOL :)
  17. It's just 1811 Ocean Front Walk.

    There's always hot foreign girls outside advertising. I'll PM you the number.

  18. Yes, I am seeking Medical, only because I thought it to be the safest (most legal) way to do it. Although, in truth, If I could find an accommodating dispensary or dealer, I have no ethical or moral issues with skipping the Rx process if it would facilitate my mission.
  19. They had decent herb and hash. I was only on vacation. It worked. :)
  20. thanks, I would like that # as well, got to get out of here :)


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