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Traveling soon...and got an idea

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cog1018, May 20, 2010.

  1. I'm traveling by air to Vegas next week and definitely want a little bud (1.5 gs) to chill on when im there. it seems too risky to try and bring anything on a plane, so im thinking about express shipping it with usps to the hotel a couple of days before my travels. im thinking about buying a fresh jar of peanut butter, and sticking a vacuumed sealed baggie in the jar. shouldn't be too expensive to ship because of the low overall weight. does this seem like a good, or even feasible idea?

    and please no responses about how i should just pick up at my destination. itll be tough to break away from my group to do so.
  2. Definitely don't bring it on the plane.

    As ideas go man that one seems like a great one. If your gonna risk it that seems like a pretty darn good method.

  3. I traveled to vegas in 09 it was awsome so I hope you have a blast!

    I didn't carry anything on my way there but my friend from cali came too and he flew with bud from CA to vegas no problem. And I flew from vegas to CT a week later with bud and no problem again. I'm not saying it's safe, but you can deff get away with it.

    If you fly with it: Do NOT bring it on your person, put it in the bag going into the cargo area. Put it with some items that make it less obvious when it goes through the scan, my friend has a hollow shaving cream can, I put mine in a box of tea packets. Just don't be obvious

    If you're shipping it: I don't think you have to do the peanut butter thing, if a dog is smelling for drugs pb isn't going to stop them from finding pot and it's heavy and messy. My tea bag thing worked well it's light and drinking tea after blazing feels Great lol
  4. Did you just put it along with the tea? or actually take out the contents of the a tea bag, grind up bud, and put it back in the tea bag resealed?
  5. The teabags came in little envelope wrappers so I opened the envelope and put the ground up bud in the envelope with the teabag and than taped it shut. Put the envelope back into the little box with the rest of the tea packets
  6. You could always make some edibles to bring with you :D
  7. I know someone who smuggled some shit double-bagged in a personal orifice once when coming back from Jamaica, and she didn't get caught...still, best not to have jack shit on you on a plane. You could do the hollow shaving cream can thing, packed in your checked luggage...put it in a big plastic bag (inside your suitcase) with all of your toiletries, and conveniently "spill" a little cologne inside the plastic bag to mask the smell.
    Honestly, though, sending it to yourself isn't a bad idea. Maybe ship a fake container of some sort (like those awesome shaving cans) and throw some espresso beans in the can to surround the bagged weed if you're worried about smell?

    I am really curious to see how this works out.

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