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Traveling outside the US...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bdylan, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. This summer I am taking a trip to Italy, and Greece. I wouldn't consider trying to smugle even a small amount through customs. So I'd like any advice/info anyone has on...

    Prices/Availibilty, Legality, or anything you feel is important. FYI: I am only intrested in Marijuana/Hash :)
  2. i dont advise it but make sure the container is air tight and no smells can get out.....
  3. You can always throw a gram or two in your sock. I don't think anyone searches there.
  4. if im outta the country i'd rather be weedless than sneak summin thru customs and end up in a foreign jail.
  5. The american amsterdam....checks your betting the american customs will also.
  6. proven method to get dope in places you are not familiar with. cab drivers. they know anything, weed, hookers, good bars...we got stuck in toronto overnight on the way to europe, and got a cab and ask the dude driving...he took us to the place, we got two bags. one was pretty decent and one was some good shit...
  7. the guy wasnt asking how to smuggle pot dudes. he was asking about price and availability in the places he is traveling to. read the whole post b4 u reply.
  8. Hey,

    You will have difficulty finding your stuff in Italy and Greece. I never saw people smoke there like they do in amsterdam. Especialy greece will be a problem I think for you. You are being wise not to carry anything with you, don't anyone tell you otherwise, you are playing with your live to take pot over intercontinal borders or on plains. Enjoy your trip, even if it is without a good smoke for a couple of weeks! Italy and Greece are beautiful!


  9. ask your cab drivers and people that work at the hotel they usually know where to get you what you want other than that enjoy italy and greece, visit the italian alps they're i dont know how to describe them go see for yourself
  10. Speaking as a european, and as one that has actually tried being "caught" by a f...... DOG at a pass control, I would say don't try to smuggle it. It's not worth the risk. It is possible to get cannabis in those countries you mention. Try to ask around in likely places, ask young people that look like stoners. Or maybe ask some of the african immigrants? (I'm not up-to-date on the situation there. But some of them are bound to have hash, I'm sure). Just use your common sense and be a bit discreet about it.

    Oh, BTW, nothing happened when I was caught, I wasn't actually carrying anything at that point in time. But the dog could smell it in my clothes.

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