Traveling near the Mexico border help?

Discussion in 'General' started by Firetoilet, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. I live in San Diego and in a couple days I'm going on a trip to a river spot in Arizona. I will be heading on the I-8 until I get to Yuma, where I will turn off onto the 95 for a small amount. I want to bring some weed along, but I know that going near the boarder there will be boarder patrol agents and such and I don't really want to get caught up anywhere. I think I'm only going to bring a pen and two carts and take some simple precautions like maybe double bagging them. Does you guys think I'll be fine? Are there any set patrol outposts that I should be worried about or if I should be doing anything different.

    We will be towing jetskis if that makes a difference. Thanks a ton :)
  2. I bet the border patrol has more pressing problems than harassing someone for having a few joints. I'd go for it.
  3. I live in San Diego also and drive the same route to Lake Havasu each year. There is a permanent Border Patrol Checkpoint on the Arizona 95 between Yuma and Quartzsite. I believe it is past the Lake Martinez turn off. Because of Arizona pot laws I chose to take the 78 through Blyth a couple of weeks back. That way if stopped I would not be looking at Arizona pot laws on top of the fed laws. The checkpoint in California was closed going both ways. If not going all the way to Quartzsite you could look on google earth to see where their checkpoint is and see if you have to pass it. In the past when going through the Arizona BP checkpoint there were dogs.
  4. I'd put some Mexican decals on them jetskis!
  5. That’s good, we’re heading out to lake martinez. Did you get stopped by the dogs at that checkpoint?
  6. Never been checked by dogs at that check point. It is well north of Lake Martinez.
  7. Why risk anything? Go have fun without weed and be safe. Get were your going and maybe ask someone local.
  8. Successfully made it, but while driving I noticed there is a boarder patrol checkpoint and an agricultural checkpoint both on the west bound i-8. Hopefully it goes well on the way back. I feel like i should be fine because it’s in california but i know boarder patrol doesn’t give two shits :p

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