Traveling in the same speed as time

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  1. Just had a tought. If you traveled in the same speed as time, wouldn't there be infinite instances of you? I mean, if you travel in the same speed as time, you'd be moving, but the rest of the world wouldn't so you'd reapear every time you moved like a nano meter, wouldn't you?
  2. this is singularly the most epic failure of a thread ever
  3. If time does exist. What real evidence is there that it exists independently of our perception, as a dimension in itself?
  4. I wouldn't call it a failure of a thread. Just because no one posted in here in the minute it took for you to read it lol.

    Here is what I think. Ok the only way I can think to do it. Get in a jet. Start at the very beginning of one of the time zones at 12:00pm. Fly to the next time zone but not super fast, just fast enough so that when you get to the next time zone it is 12:00pm. Just keep doing that and I think that time wouldn't stand still and there wouldn't be numerous instances of yourself, I just think that you would have a really long day. As long as you wanted really. And that date would be null-in-void even after crossing that line in the pacific because you're not watching time go anywhere, it's that same time as when you started. Granted everyone around you would feel a day older once you completed the circle of earth, but you wouldn't. It'd still be today and not tomorrow.
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  6. Time does not have a speed. I don't understand what you're saying.
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    no its incredibly stupid

    time is relative there wouldn't be millions of you that is profoundly the most retarded thing I ever read

    you know einstein relativity

  8. is there really a need to be a jerk?
  9. Hey. Calm down man. The man asked a question, obviously because he is confused on this subject. So instead of calling his post stupid, maybe you should share your knowledge instead.

  10. I think we are traveling at the speed of time. Fast is a term that inherently includes time, so regardless of how fast you may travel, you are still going in time.

    If you assume time to be instantaneous, and simply exist, then it must travel at infinity speed. Can't go faster than infinity.....

    If time doesn't exist, you simply are.
  11. You cant travel any more or less than the speed of time. You can travel the speed of miles per hour but time is something that goes the same speed and always will

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