Traveling Back in Time: A Paradox

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  1. I thought of this for the first time the other day while watching part of a History Channel documentary series on Netflix. After considering it, I felt rather foolish for never having thought of it before--and as such, I'm sure it's been contemplated before, but this was the first time I ever thought of it myself.

    Suppose that at some point in the future it does become possible to travel back in time and alter history. Bearing that in mind, what if the time continuum we are familiar with, the continuum of our past history, and the continuum we perceive now has already been altered by a time traveler from the future?

    What if our continuum is not, and has not been for some time, natural? What if it has been interfered with? What if it is being interfered with as we speak? Whose agenda has manipulated us as a species? As a nation? Whose agenda manipulates us now?

    Further than that, if this does become possible at some point, how many times has it been employed already? Does it necessarily create a new parallel continuum each time it takes place? Which iteration are we living in?

    I realize this is just a bunch of 'what if' scenarios with no real answers, but I find it bewildering to ponder.

    For a more philosophical examination: is traveling back in time and altering history, and thus a particular continuum, the most massive and extreme form of coercion possible? Regardless of the intent, is altering history/a continuum even potentially moral? Or is it necessarily immoral?
  2. I think that when people travel back in time the universe splits in two: the normal universe of the present and and alternate history universe.
    But if somebody is actually traveling in time you will never know because the government hides it.
  3. not sure what to say to this but i guess it would be cool to travel back and forward in time i want to travel to the future where everything is really technological and stuff like space ships carrying people to different planets and space travel lol i just think that would be really awesome :D.
  4. If we do somehow make a time machine it should be completely destroyed along with all the people responsible. A time machine could cause 99999x more havoc than anything...

    Don't get me wrong if the right people control it, it could be amazing. But what if say, korea got a hold of it...

    I recommend the movie butterfly effect
  5. Time is how we percieve things. There is no back and no forward only now

  6. Sadly, you are correct. It may be fun to speculate on changing the past or visiting the future, but these are just concepts, not reality. We cannot perceive the past or future in any other way, which leads to the mistaken belief that time is similar to the first three dimensions, through which we can move.

    Still like to go back and make friends with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or the guy who invented the Blackberry...
  7. Backwards time travel is impossible because of paradoxes, and forward time travel is technically possible, but all it really is is slowing down time for just yourself.
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    Depends on how you define time traveling,

    If you believe in wormholes, when time becomes an indefinite factor, and is no longer linear then you have crossed dimensions into a parallel universe.

    YouTube - Parallel Universes [1/5]

    Theres no way a man made machine could produce such phenomenon(well maybe psychedelics but even those are not 'controllable' it only takes your subconcious into different dimensions not your physical body), a controllable wormhole with no undefined variables.

    Atleast thats what we theorize using present knowlage today.

    + conspiracy theory of my own:
    If the government does know that alternate universes exist, then of course they would cover that up. Which is part of the reason psychedelics are illegal.
  9. well sure they aren't reality untill we can do these things, just like flying wasn't reality until we did it, people use to say that if you went over 30 mph your face would melt off from the wind but we now know that's not true at all.

    The math behind time travel says it is possible, the thing that limit's us is power source. We don't yet know how to make enough power to make it possible. Well that and how to control some other parts of nature but the point is that it is technically possible, we just don't know, yet, how to translate the math/physics into a physical device.

    As for the paradox, I hold the belief that when you travel back in time you automatically go back to a time line that had what you actually do while in the past, done. Think "spooky action at a distance" but for time lines. We don't yet know how it works but nature always has an answer for the questions we have yet to ask.
  10. Ok, I confess. I did it. I went back in time and made Hitler hate Jews. I didn't think he'd be so serious about it though.... sorry, my bad.

  11. No shit, "forward" time travel is bullshit. It's like calling just sitting around letting time pass as "time travel"... weak...


  12. Thanks for the response. I think you may be confusing what is real or not - reality, with inability - the fact that we cannot do something. Man has seen the birds fly for thousands of years, so we knew flying was real, we just could not figure out how to do it. Conceiving of a concept, such as the past, does not mean it exists in reality.

    Not to tread on anyone's beliefs, but another example of this would be comparing the concept of 'God' to explaining how the earth works using science. Some people choose to believe in a God, others choose to believe in empirical observations and data, what they can see and understand.
    The scientists may not know all the answers, but we know they can be found, assuming whatever is being studied actually exists and can be experimented on, observed, measured, and so on.

    I hope some of this makes sense !
  13. I saw this show on TV and they talked about the possibility of using worm holes to travel back into time. The problem they had though was trying to figure out how to stabilize one. They said that worm holes don't last very long. One dude was saying that it was the universes safe switch meaning that we couldn't go back in time and fuck anything up. They also talked about the grandfather paradox, saying that if you went back in time and killed your grandfather, then dad wouldn't have been born, meaning you would never have existed.
    Trippy shit.

  14. Kewl! I;'ve not heard of time travel being worked out mathematically! I tried to google this, found nothing of value: would you have more info on this, a link perhaps ?

    Thanks Thunder
  15. meaning you never would have existed, meaning you never would have killed your grandfather, meaning you and your father do exist and then you go back and kill your grandfather and then you dont exist...then you do...then you don't.

    thinking about time travel is crazy. I've seen the documentaries, I've studied some of the physics. and you know what? it's a waste of time!
    a)if we could travel back in time without some sort of static receiver (like a warp gate to travel to) like if you could just go where ever in time no problem...we'd know about it.
    b) if we needed some sort of receiver, it would have to be built before the time machine was built. then we cold only go back as far as the receiver, which hasnt been build yet.

    now, being able to CONTROL time would be a much more worthy use of time. imagine being able to slow time down, so you could do like 100 things in a min.
    course for those of you that have read any ray kurzweil know that as we get close to the singularity, time will actually speed up because humans will be able to process things in fractions of the time it take to process now.
  16. Einstein came up with a crazy math equation for it but I cant seem to find it on google. Ill look into it more later and post it for you. Apperently though there trying to disprove it.
  17. what makes you so sure that time travel is even possible at all? time travel is a lot more complicated than flying. it may be physically impossible.
  18. yeah all we gotta do is get a Delorian to go 88mph.

    Gonna go back in time..dun dun dundun dun, back in time...
  19. its not going to happen. time is something man thought up. all there is is here and now.
  20. I hate when people say shit like this... It's lazy and ignorant.


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