Traveling across country tomorrow, need advice

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  1. Well I live in California and I'm flying to Vermont tomorrow out of San Francisco and was wondering if its risky to take MJ along with me? I haven't decided where I would hide it yet or where I would keep if it if I decided to bring it along. I wouldn't bring very much and was looking for some advice on where to stash it and what to stash it in or if I should risk bringing it at all. I don't have my card either. Thanks everyone.

    Peace :smoke:
  2. Depends how long you go, I would just take a break and roll a fat ass joint I can't wait to smoke when I get back.
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    edit Just realized your flying DONT BRING WEED
  4. pre roll your tree.

    if youre using blunts: put it back in the foil wrapper and back in the box.

    if youre using joints: put it in a cigarette case.

    put it in your carry bag. inside some clothing.

    good luck bruh.

  5. Going for a week and a half. Couldn't imagine having to go that long without smoking. :( push comes to shove I will just try and ask around to buy some while I'm in VT. From what I've heard they're pretty green friendly folks. (Citizens atleast are, not sure about law enforcement.)
  6. i just went across country too
    i didnt feel like going thru security with weed so i just ate a bunch of edibles before the ride
  7. Ended up leaving my pot at home and just went to VT and bought from someone on the streets. Got $15 grams (don't know if I got ripped off) but I must say, props to you Vermonters I enjoyed the bud, peace from California!
  8. Package it good and slip it under the hood in a safe spot. Or my favorite is if you have a back seat alot of the time the pad for where you sit will come off and there are stash spots underneat and all you need is a screwdriver to pry the edge up.

    EDIT: o you're flying? make edibles or oil/butter or don't do try at all they will find your bud almost guaranteed.

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