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  1. Anyone out there ever tried setting up a grow room in a travel trailer. I was thinking of a 20ft trailer to house everyithing(veg room, flowering room and clones). I can't see a drawback to this idea and I m sure someone has tried it. The idea is that it's portable and less conspicous than doing up the 40x30ft garage it will be parked in. No time to tear down just tow it out and if need be, leave it by the side of the road. Even if the landlords wanted to inspect the premises they aren't going to be too concerned with a trailer parked in their garage. Most landlords are worried about damage to their buildings. Anyone see problems with this. Any input appreciated.
  2. Youll need a good exhaust/intake setup and if you live where its cold in the winter youll need to heat it.
  3. i had a old freind make a meth lab in one
  4. Who doesnt love meth lab travel trailers.....
  5. I don't want to have anything to do with Meth thanks! I asked about a MJ grow room in a trailer Nothing about Meth. Surely somebody has tried it. Its a self contained room housed inside a garage. Anyone??
  6. hopefully you knew i was joking about loving a meth travel trailer.... but seriously who doesnt love them? j/k but seriously

    My uncle has a medical marijuana license and i suggested this to him since his has one sitting outside his house and he's looking to grow .. but i think hes gonna make a 24ftx38 ft garage and he wants to buy something like 6 x 1000 watt hps lights.. idk hes fucking crazy this is the same guy who spends 2,000$ on fireworks every year sounds like a good idea to me but since i don't have one i'm not even gonna worry bout it.

    Hopefully he'll let me snap some shots of his grow for you guys at GC he says he can legally grow 49 plants but he has to grow a certain strain or some shit.. its something jamacain

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