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    Share a travel story or let us in on your travel plans!
    I am fuelled by and passionate about travel, and I know that I'm not the only one floating around here on GC. I've shared a number of my own personal travel tales here, and contributed to many-a related thread, but I haven't come across a homebase for travel on the forums. So, why not start one?
    I want this to be a place to swap travel stories, ask questions, and get advice. What inspires you to travel? Where is your dream destination? Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? I don't care if it's 10,000 miles away or just a hop, skip, and jump into the next county. If you've been somewhere new, old, breathtaking, awful, near, far, inspiring, or just plain rad... tell us a story of your experience. If you're planning a trip, ask your questions, share your itinerary, and look no further for advice or feedback.
    Capiche? Okay... 3, 2, 1, Go!
    I'll start, because I know going first is for squares.
    I always feel like I've been a lot of places - more than 20 countries over 6 continents - until I look at a map of the world and realize just how insignificant my journeys have been. I grew up road-tripping across the UK, Ireland, and France with my family, but I didn't take my first "real" trip until I was 18. I participated in a two-month summer field program through my university. I spent the majority of that time in a small community, two hundred kilometres south of Iquitos in Peru; it was in the Amazon rainforest and it changed my life.
    We lived in elevated huts over the river. I'll never forget one night, I was in the midst of an asthma attack and I was wheezing and sputtering. As an English kid, the humidity of the rainforest was not something I'd ever been exposed to and it was murder. I stood all but hyperventilating, watching the man who lived in the hut adjacent as he coasted on the river below. He came right up to me and waved me to join him, though I couldn't breathe and tried to convey this over the language barrier. I'm not into a boat ride, dude. He persisted and I eventually gave in. I clambered into his tin boat and he took us down the river a ways before stopping and casting a line.
    He offered me a drink from his thermos. It was luke warm and sweet and calming. He sat there in his faded blue cap and reeled in his line time and time again breathing slowly and deeply and audibly. I found myself subconsciously copying in his slow inhale, exhale. I felt the color return to my face, the airways open, time stop. We fished for a couple hours, sharing stories in patchy spanglish. I vividly remember the overwhelming sounds of the forest and. I've never experienced anything so real.  The rest of my life could be a dream compared to that one moment in time. We took the fish back, shared it with as many community members as we could, and did so many times between then and the day I left Peru.
    I think about that man often and I wonder if he's still there. If he's still feeding people or saving and changing others like he did so for me. Life changing, man. :smoke:

  2. One time in Mexico I saw some titties on the beach...
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  3. I took a road trip to Cali my sophomore year with some buddies. Ended up meeting some cool people at some restaurant in San Diego where there was literally a man-made wave that you could surf outside the place. We met some surfer dudes and they invited us back to their house because they were havin a party that night and were down to show us a good time. We partied and got to see some tittays throughout the night blah blah blah party party. Anyways, once everyone crashed out at like 4AM I had a sickening feeling in my stomach because I had eaten a plethora of Goldfish snacks before I went to bed. I ended up taking a FAT SHIT in the bathroom but as I was shitting I started to throw up while on the toilet. With puke all over the wall/floor, I drunkenly tried to flush the toilet but I had made such a mess that it had clogged. Since there was no plunger, I tried to mess with all the things inside the toilet to hopefully flush it down or something of that nature. Long story short, I broke off the a crucial part of the interior toilet and the toilet started to overflow at a very fast rate (apparently I'm not familiar with Californian toilets). I began to panic and woke up my friends that were passed out in the next room and we got the fuck out of that house. I often wonder what their reaction was the next morning, if their house had overflowed and whatnot. I'm sure the dude that owns that house thinks back to that situation like "WTF MATE?!?!"
  4. I'm goin to the Sunbelt Agriculture Expo in Moultrie, Georgia in the mornin. Gotta be at school at 3:00 AM. Can't wait!
    Did you get to surf that wave outside of the restaurant? And just how many goldfish does one have to gobble to create a mess like that? You got a big laugh out of me. Applause for you. :laughing:
    Man, I love agricultural shows. Enjoy and don't forget to come back and share the story!
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    I found the link to the restaurant if you are ever interested in going, it's called the Wave House and it is a fucking epic restaurant.

    And as far as the Goldfish goes...I was eating handfuls upon handfuls of Goldfish. Almost a whole carton, I'd say.
  7. You better believe I will man!
  8. I got pretty good stuff twice in Guatemala this summer. A guy on the street in Antigua sold me "10 grams" for $40 US (it was a big bag, easily 8-10g). At the lake my gf and I bought from the lady you may hear about other places in San Marcos, we got 3g of Mexican hash for $20 US. I don't speak much Spanish, but enough that I could figure things out.
  9. I joined the Navy and got stuck in this shithole state called California. Oh, and the even bigger shithole called Chicago area Illinois. What a fucking adventure
  10. Fuck! I'm ready to go pick Scott up, go to Whataburger, get a can of snuff and some Mountain Dew and get the fuck to Georgia! I can't sleep!
  11. Stuck on a charter bus headed to GA, gotta piss, I wish I had some bud!
  12. For about 2 years I quit my job and lived in my van as a means of traveling/driving through Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America.   I had zero bad experiences, they happen, but are rare (a couple did just get attacked and robbed at a roadblock recently, so know what your getting into).  I only encountered a handful of corrupt cops in all that time, and I never paid a bribe.  There were 4-5 (that I know of) attempted break ins for my van, which were unsuccessful.  I saw 2-3 dead bodies (separate motorcycle accidents), and a shit load of cool ass stuff and great people.  It is a tragedy that such a diverse region can be so close to the US and still so neglected by travelers.  
  13. Went to slovania during summer to visit family and what not. Didnt think I was going to blaze there especially since my cousin is like 30 and has a wife and kids. But, once it was late at night me abd him were talking and he asked if I smoked weed. Biggest surprise of my life. He pulled out a king sized spliff and we smoked that shit and pickes up an 8th in the morning.

  14. Alrighty ya'll, here it is as promised! I just got back from GA 30 minutes ago, had an amazing time!

    So I pick Scott up, we go to Whataburger, eat, talk to the workers as they're on break (there's hardly ever anyone in there at 2:30 A.M.) we leave and go get some dip and a 2 liter of Mtn Dew next door at the Circle K, I bum a cig of a fine ass lady, and we go to school down the road. We get there and Mrs. Gibbs or Austin ain't even there yet (they had to open the gate for us and the bus) so there's a line of jacked up trucks parked in the middle of the road revvin their engines haha good times. So finally we get into the parkin lot and load up and head on out! So we're headin down I-10 at 4:00 A.M. with most of the back half the bus singin "In Color" by Jamey Johnson very loudly... Me being in love with the song start singin it with it playin out loud, so people start joinin in. We get to the expo around 9:30 A.M. I saw some of the biggest farm equipment in the world, for example a John Deere combine (pic will be below) I walked around lookin at huge ass tractors and combines and balers and other shit. Bought a badass sticker for my windshield, its a bass with a Confederate flag as the background. Best ten bucks I've ever spent by the way. Hung out with friends, dipped some snuff, and shot the shit walkin 'round. We watched The Blind Side one the way over there, and The Sandlot 2 and Waterboy on way back home, bus rides with a bunch of rednecks are fuckin fun haha! Only bad thing is I'm rubbed raw from so much walkin... Not very comfortable... But anyways I'm tired I've been up for about 39 - 40 hours straight. No sleep whatsoever so I'mma call it a day! Or should I say two days!

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    Nowhere significant traveled to, but I plan on taking a trip to Amsterdam at some point in my life. I want to spend a month there, so it'll probably be after my kid is out of the house. I'll probably be about 40, 19 now.Well, almost 19.It's, Friday mornin, where the weed at?
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    I went to Austria with my parents when I was 16. Got to go to my first bar there. I smoked a cigar with my dad and had a rusty nail (drambuie and scotch). Also we missed our flight on the way home so we got to stay a night in Paris and go to the louvre and eiffell tower.
    I also went to the house where Mozart grew up and took a shit in the bathroom. I lied and told my friends I went to a strip club.
    Went to Jamaica with my family at an all inclusive resort. It was amazing, unlimited food at fancy restaurants, unlimited alcohol, and cuban cigars. There was a hurricane on the last day we were there and it was pretty crazy weather. We got a video of a small one forming in the ocean about a mile off shore. I lied and told my friends I fingered a girl I met there.
    I went to the Grand Caymans to stay with a family friend a couple weeks before I turned 13. I got to smoke my first cigar ( my dad said because we didn't get a bar mitzvah because we aren't Jewish, this was our passage into manhood). She lived in an apartment that was 20 feet from the sand and about 100 feet from the water. It was amazing. I got to go to the middle of the ocean where they have a sandbar so the water is only like 3 feet deep, and they have a ton of stingrays with their stingers cut off so you can play with them. There was a hurricane that hit while we were there too and was pretty scary. A couple months after we left a big hurricane hit and destroyed the whole island.
    I got to go to Italy last year with my family. It was amazing. It was about 10 days and we went all over with a tour that stayed in 5 or 6 different cities, traveling from southern Italy, to Northern Italy. Amazing pasta, history, and art.
    I have been lucky enough to travel a lot considering how young I am. I have been to over 20 states, mexico, canada, and the above places.
  17. Lucky bastard, I'd kill for just one of those trips.

    It's, Friday mornin, where the weed at?
    Italy is somewhere that is high up on my to-go list, and I'm hoping to see it during my next Euro-trip. I'm not one to follow typical tourist routes or care too much for the usual traps, and I'm a big culture buff. Any particular place or region you'd recommend most?
  19. Iv been to the grand caymen and jamaica as well both were amazing trips. I went to that stingray place as well that was awsome swimming with them. Also did some diving in both areas an saw a lot of amazing wildlife and such. I do have to say jamaica was no my favorite place at times just because we were constantly bombarded with offers for taxi rides an other things. I understand their trying to make living but it did get a little old.

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  20. We got lucky in Jamaica. The resort we stayed at in Negril had everything you needed and because it was all inclusive, you never needed to leave for food or alcohol. We went to a nice shopping mall for an hour or so but that was it. We also went to a swap meet in the ghetto too. Got a cool carving of bob marley's face there, and a plaque with him and a quote on it.
    For us when we stayed in the grand cayman the lady who's house we were at had reefs about 50 feet off shore so we could snorkel and see all kinds of fish every day.

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