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  1. Have any of you guys ever travelled by train in the USA? I'm taking a little trip in a couple of months and I'm seriously considering taking a train instead of driving. I've never been on a passenger train before, however, so any input or shared experiences would be appreciated. If this would make a difference, I'm going from Charleston, SC to Philly, PA, with a stop in North Carolina and Washington D.C. I assume I would just have to take multiple trains.
  2. its more expensive than you think..

    EDIT: if your going cross country. i just realized you are only going a few states. im not too sure with that area, but google is your friend.
  3. I'm pretty sure even going across a few states is going to be fairly expensive, it's just that taking a train cross country is outrageously expensive.
  4. yeah i never looked at the rates for a few states. but when i looked for a train from here to cali.

    it was like 550 one way. fuck that. i got round trip for like 250 on a plane
  5. Next to driving taking the train is my favourite way to travel, IMO it's a great way to see a country..
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    Trains are the shit! I've found that it usually takes about as long as driving but you can drink and sleep and read and suchlike.

    EDIT: Like others said, I don't think it's the best way if you're going more than, say, two or three states. Maybe not even then. Definitely price-check other ways too. It might be worth it if wherever you're coming from is in the north of SC and wherever you're going is in the south of PA (I don't really know my East Coast geography), or if you just want the experience.
  7. a friend of mine takes a train from wilmington DE to philly daily for work. he claims it's better than driving.

    but that's not going across several states so whatever.

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