Trasplanting a medium size plant? HELP!!!

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  1. I have a plant i need to transfer into a larger pot its about a foot tall now and the pot its in is decently sized but i need to transfer it. Whats the best way to go about it? with out damaging the plant? and what soil should i use i have at my disposable top soil, miracle grow organic mix??, and two other types of miracle grow. Im thinking maybe top soil with one of the others mixed in but im afriad of what ive heard about miracle grow
  2. you can use miracle grow organic mix, just flush the hell out of it before you transplant. and when you go to transplant, water the hell out of your plant. it kinda puts it into a water mode so it doesn't go into shock when being dug up. this has always worked for me when i needed a transplant, even when the plants were in the ground.
  3. you could let the plant dry some then it should come out in a bug block of dirt when you put it in the new container make sure you water excessively so the roots grow into the new medium i suggest plain potting soil and 30% perlite
  4. Newb here - but I have re-potted a few plants in my time.

    1) Have your plant's new home ready to go - enough dirt in pot to set the plant and its root/dirt form that came out of the smaller pot to where all you have to do is set the plant with its root/dirt form in and then fill in with more dirt to complete the physical part of the transfer.

    2) Make transfer when the plant is due or almost overdue for a watering = dry, compacted soil will make it easier with less stress on the roots from dirt being shifted all over.

    3) Lift pot up and scrunch (if possible) the pot's bottom and lower part or just tap around at the bottom and the lower part to loosen compacted dirt.

    4) Turn pot and plant horizontal taking care to apply a little reverse pressure against the dirt surrounding the plant, as well as supporting the plant.

    5) Tap/scrunch around some more - the idea is to pull the old pot clear while maintaining root/dirt form integrity.

    6) Gently but firmly holding the plant where the trunk enters the soil and with the pot still horizontal (you're just holding the plant stable - not making it bear any weight), grab the pot on the bottom and start "working" it off - be prepared to slide your hand holding the plant stable under to support the compact root/dirt form that was in the pot as that pot comes clear.

    Tip: the dirt you put in the bottom of the new pot in preparation for the new plant, compact it a little. Basically so when the plant and its root/dirt form gets set in it, it doesn't mush lower into the pot where you want it to be.

    From what I've read, MG with time release ferts is to be avoided but personally, I have had decent vegging results with my tomatoes in MG Organic - the jury's still out on if I'll get decent tomatoes - haven't got there, yet.

    I also recommend adding perlite at a portion of about 1:4. That is, when you mix up your dirt to put in with your re-potted plant, guesstimate how much dirt you're gonna need and add a handful of perlite for every four handfuls of dirt. At least, that's what's worked for me in my very limited experience.
  5. I just did the same thing to my plants yesterday, I let the soil dry out and just tilted the plant upside down and it slid right out. Then I filled the new bigger pot with soil and use the old pot as a mold and packed dirt around it. Then all I did was slide the plant right in. Didn't stunt my growth at all, they're still growing and are already in 12/12.

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