Discussion in 'General' started by GouGe AwAy 04, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. i am fucking hammered man..smoked liek a gram odf headies drank like 12 shots of candian club and chilled out with some ladies. we polished off a liter only me my buddy and 2 girls so we were all pretty sloshed. i got laid but myfriend is a much lighter drinker and couldnt handle his buzz..he wound up puking and making an ass of himself. anyone else enjoying there sunday night im hiome now about to play some guitar hero i think but i am drunk as fuck and satifisied with my night. looking forward to waking up and blazing the last fp my headies:smoke:. the clubs got my head pounding now so i need somed water a bowl and a bed haha go0odnight grassciy

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