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  1. I designed a grow space out of a trash can to keep a male i have in for later use. it only took me about 30 bucks to make and only about an hour to put together but was way more work than i needed.

    5 PC fans - free from old computer i had
    30 gallon trash can - $11 at lowes
    wiring - $3 radio shack
    2 26watt CPL - $9 at walmartfor 3 pack
    y split socket - $3 lowes
    light socket - free from a heat lamp i had for my old lizards

    i hooked the fans up to batterys but its not enough so i have to fix it to a outlet somehow but ill show that in a few days

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  2. I've considered trying to grow outside in a large trashcan before. I thought I'd paint the inside white and leave the lid off all the time. then if i had company just put the lid on till they leave, haha. i dunno. never acutally did it. doesn't seem "stealthy" to have a giant trash can in my bedroom or closet though. might make a nice grow container otherwise though, i'll be watching to see how this goes for you :)
  3. When you say save for later use are you going to grow it until it's male flowers are ready and then collect the pollen, because if you are you better be checking it hourly on top of daily. You have so many god damn fans blowing around in that thing if even just one pollen sac burst's it has the potential to pollinate thousands of females. I wouldn't have a male even remotely a.k.a. within miles of my prized fem's. I am assuming that if you randomly have a male you have some females stashed away in your house, and don't forget central air which is like an indoor version on nature's bee's dispersing pollen and carrying it everywhere.
  4. paint the inside white or line it with mylar or the light isnt worth it

    or at least thats what i think

    -- the bubonic plague
  5. i guess growing in this would work but i think its perfect for a semi stealth veg box, +rep for getting my brain flowing with grow ideas :)

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