Trash can grow room ill it work !!

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    so hey im new to the fourm and very intreested in growing my own high quality bud
    ive been thinking of the cheapest and easiest to build so here it goes
    first imma spray paint the inside of the 32 gallon trashcan flat white a couple of coats should do the trick and the outside 2 coats black to seal the light
    it will be inside a black 32 gallon trash can , on the sides i will use a wood engraver or something to cut 2 holes 5.9 inchs in diameter.through these 2 holes 5.9 inchs in diameter
    than i will run about 4 inchs in and 4 inchs out with aluminum ducting thats 6 inchs in diameter
    on on of the outside ducts imma attach a diy carbon filter and on the inside i will run a 6 inch diametr high velocity desk fan and tape this to the end of tat filter blowing dirty air out and through the carbon filter
    on the other duckt imma connect the inside duct to the end of the fan blowing into the trash can.tha on the outside of that duct imma take an activated carbon sheet
    i got 2 105 watt cfl for 19 (yes i know thts cheap it isant 105 condensant eq equivilant ) its 105 watt of actual cfl and one 55 watt cfl to equal a total of 260 watts.this will be connected to a wooden plank at the top of the can than imma plant
    do you think this will work will my ventilation be good the fans im using are from here Westpointe Electrical Co Wp 4" Hi Velocity Fan 1002 Personal Fan: Home Improvement
    how will those work for ventilation
    also all holes will be sealed so no smell should leak is what im hopeing what do u guys think
    little scetch
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