Trapped in a chicks closet.

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    So earlier today I had a rather odd experience.
    I was going to meet with this cute chick to blaze. She lives nearby and we decide to roll a blunt. So she has to go for the blunts and we'll meet right around.

    She say's she'll come down on bike since it's faster. So it's perfect. She calls me and textes me that she's coming out.
    After a couple minutes I'm about to be on my way, so I text her back.

    Not 30 seconds later she's calling me crying and stuff. Dude, she fell on the bike to the sidewalk and flipped on rocky shit for checking my text.

    I sprint there and see her talking to some people so it's kinda awkward cause they're just calling out remedies ha.
    I take a look and she's completly scratched. Like all over, back, knees, hands. But her shoulder. Her shoulder was completely peeled. like you could see the white flesh. Gives me chills.

    I walk her home carrying the bike, which is wrecked. We get there and she talks to her mom on the phone and stuff.

    We smoke in her living room just chilling, hoping to get the mind off the pain. Just a little later her neighbour landlady exnurse comes and we figure it's time to hide. But it still reaked. So she get's her to leave. Finally it's inevitable. and she wants to come in and stuff trying to cure her. So I step in the closet. And stay there for like 12 minutes she was there.

    At some points she'd stood no further than a foot from me. It wasn't even 12 oclock and I was already trapped in a chick's closet.

    She better put out.

    Then later today I drove high as fuck to a mountain. Which is totally unrelated.

    Anyway. I don't know, this left me what the fucked for the rest of the day. How was your day? Shit like this ever happened to you?
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    What the fuck?
  3. Word dude fuck her with bandages shell be like a mummy
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    haha why did you have to hide in the closet, again? i don't get it?
    the house smells so the bright idea of the day was you hide in the closet?
    hahah i can see it now
    "oh shit! the house smells and my landlord is here! quick! hide in the closet! that should hide the smell!"
    This was exactly what I was going to ask. :laughing:
  6. Wait, she didn't put out? Did you even try?
    And no, I wouldn't have got in the closet. I'd sit there like the boss I am, and give the landlord the look like "bitch, you interrupted my blowjob"
  7. Oh yeah, didn't quite explain that. She isn't supposed to have people, much less dudes, over and smoking in the middle of the day.
    So the old lady called by her mom would've most definitely told her.

    The smell was mostly another risk factor to it. not having to do with hiding.

    I'm high as shit, some probably won't make sense :smoking:
  8. She was hurting as fuck so at first I'm just playing it cool, rolling a joint (needless to say we didn't get the blunts), and smoking. But felt pretty dumbfounded and impotent.
    And not much after we smoke, like 10 minutes the neighbour got home and tried coming in the first time. so things kinda rushed from there
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    one time this girl took me back to her house
    her 70 year old mom gets up at like 4:30am every day
    had to jump out of her bed and hide.i was stuck in her closet for literally 4 hours.
    i really had to pee and i was really thirsty. it sucked. but then again, she already was putting out.
    PS. - driving while texting claims another victim, eh? she's lucky she didn't cause a family of four to slam into a tree
  10. I find it funny after you stuck in a closet, you drive to some mountain..... lol
    any reason there???
  11. [quote name="lazytoker" post="19418682" timestamp="1390870165"]Wait, she didn't put out? Did you even try?And no, I wouldn't have got in the closet. I'd sit there like the boss I am, and give the landlord the look like "bitch, you interrupted my blowjob"[/quote] lmaooo my nigga my nigga
  12. Laughing out loud at hot stoner girl flipping a bicycle lmfao
  13. I bet when yu found out she was beat to shit yu thought "welp, no puss for me" lmao

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  14. I think OP left out the part where he tried to lick her wounds.
  15. "This left me what the fucked for the rest of the day"Well put bro. It's an odd feelin you can't shake when you're thoroughly what the fucked. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
    The fuck do you live in the middle east or something?
    and on another note, is English not your first language?
  17. Habibi mayb he ys frum the middel est. Mayb wehn she fell on byke she make a bing-bang-boom and her landolord ys not pleasaahed wiht habib's in a wirgin's room'ah? 

    Then habib was wery angry'eh and he a drove to ze montain. He has good times, yes?

    But all jokes aside, he didn't get to bust a nut so a moment of silence would be nice
  18. i probably wouldnt have gone up to her unless she was a good friend... just some girl i meet for the first time? naw. i'll sta around the corner texting, "Whr u at gurl?" walking away... you better smash today!!

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