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  1. Hello fellow fitness blades,

    I've a question for those of you educated in anatomy, lifting, and the like.

    I've had this strange thing going on as long as I can remember - my right trapezius muscle, Trapezius muscle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, will not flex. When I do shrugs, I can do the same amount on each side, but when I flex my left one, I am unable to flex the right one and make it 'pop up' for lack of a better term.

    The only thing I can think of that would cause this is the fact that I used to play baseball, and had poor form in my throwing arm (right arm) for several years. When I attempt to flex, both shoulders move down towards my torso, my left trapezius 'pops up', but the right shoulder drops more than the other, and the trap on that side doesn't bulge, at all.

    the short of it: right trap won't flex


    edit: In a similar vein, what is the best way to improve asymmetrical muscles? My left side is deficient to my right as far as size goes, but equally strong.
  2. First thing that comes to mind is to use dumbells so you can work the smaller muscles harder than the bigger ones until things even out.
  3. I'm worried that if I do this, I will build strength disproportionally on the weaker side, and then I'll have the same problem but on opposite sides :confused: Both sides are at the same level of performance, it's just an aesthetics issue as far as I can tell...
  4. Not sure if this would fix the problem but have you tried adopting power shrugs at the gym? not pussy dumb bell shrugs, power shrugs have gotten me incredible results so i would only imagine they might help with your flexing problem. Also, if your one side is lacking in size its possible you are relying too heavily on one side during your lifts or are using improper form. try to focus more on using both sides in your lifts, and if you have someone with you ask them to watch your form. Also, try to use dumbells only on the week side for a week or two to catch them up, you should be slightly better off after that.

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