Trap Hits vs Smoking Bowl Slowly

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  1. What's up, I'm smoking a bong bowl right now by myself and gonna load another one here soon but I was curious what you think is a better & longer lasting high... Smoking the bowl slowly one hit every so often while you chill or to try a "trap hit" where you try to cash the bowl in one or two hits? Or would a trap hit be more of a waste Cuz you'd only be super high but for a shorter time! Don't know if trap hit is common terminology but it's what my friends and I call it! Anyways what do you think would be a better, longer, and overall greater high? Just curious! Thanks! :)

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  2. I pack small bowls (0.1gram) and take in one hit, reload if necessary.
  3. it's called a snap, not a trap hit lol. and you only get super high if you try to cash a .3 all in one hit, pack about the same amount you'd pack into a metal one hitter, and clear it all. way better way to conserve.
  4. I've heard them called trap hits before. Slang is really subjective and varies from place to place.

    I prefer to pack large bowls and just take them a hit or two at a time. I feel like cashing a huge bowl all at once is a complete waste of most of the weed. Smaller snaps work well, but they're most effective if you actually have a onesie to smoke out of.
  5. It's not called a trap hit. It's called a snap. A 1 hit snap.
  6. A trap hit? lol. Oh "snap."
  7. I prefer to pack small one hitters, and take as many as needed. I like the taste of a fresh bowl every hit so I'm not a huge fan of packing big bowls for multiple hits.
  8. Fuck packing little hits feel the bowl full and kill it.
  9. I call it a snapper. Personally i pack the bowl with enough to take a big lung-full and clear it. Fresh greens every time and you can adjust based on how ripped you are trying to get. win, win. 
  10. Hell yea. Whats with all the nug pinchers arond here. Load it up and roast it.
  11. Most of the time I pack snaps, because that's how most of my buddies do it. When using my own bong, I like to pack some bowls bigger and just get super baked. 
  12. If I have the weed I will load a fat bowl, but if im trying to conserve I will pack a little snap. I pack enough to get the bong all milky 
  13. packing snaps over and over again gets irritating after a while. If I know I'm finishing my bowl that night I just pack a fatty and dance the night away.
  14. It depends on the bong. My first glass bong was a one hitter so I obviously cashed it in one hit. One of my current bongs, Juliette, it takes me about 6-8 rips til cash but that's cuz the bowl is huge and there's no percs or anything (it's my boyfriends) my other bong, Roy, takes me about 4-5 to finish a bowl, and Greenie is usually 2. It depends on the size & style of the bong and the bowl as well. Also on lung capacity. I prefer to hitba bowl 6 times and be okay than my boyfriend who will finish it in one but cough like a mofo. Personal preference I suppose but big hits also make my stomach not feel good so.
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    I know a guy who loves to bum for more and more weed but he packs way bigger bowls than he can handle. He lights the bowl, gets the chamber full, but as soon as he starts emptying the chamber he coughs and hacks his ass off and then proceeds to puking as if he had the worst hangover ever. This happened each time I saw him smoke, it was fucking hilarious I shit you not!
  16. Ever trap possum hits? Google
  17. Okay so since my last post I bought a new bong. A 1.7 foot one, with an ashcatcher, percs and usually filled with ice. I have discovered that this bong is much easier to smoke the whole bowl at once but I have to exhale after milking before I clear it because I have tiny little ashmatic girl lungs and run out of air lmao
  18. I personally pack them pretty full and take regular, comfortable hits. No point in trying to show off and take huge ass hits. I smoke to enjoy it, not hack my fucking lungs out. 
  19. These trap hits you refer to are Jew bowls, snaps, one hits, conservative for the person packing yet stingy for the person clearing

    But would you rather pack up one rip and clear it, no smoke wasted, or stuff a good G in the bowl and let half of it float off to the upper stratosphere while your buddy tells you a story about what he did yesterday

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  20. I can't stand the taste of the last 1/3-1/4 of a bowl if you pack it full. Tastes so nasty.

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