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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4kush20, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. When I pick up I have a backpack in my backseat with a scale the green and a bowl so I guess I'm not really secretive lol. But I was just wondering when you guys pick up how do you transport? When I pick up it's either an 8th or 1/4th so it's not that much.
  2. When I first started I was really scared so I put it in a baseball glove inside my trunk. But after a while I just bought a smelly bag and put it under a sweater in the back.
    If you ever pick up a lot more then an 8th or 1/4 maybe leave your scale behind. Dont want to get accused of dealing.
  3. I walk into my dealers house and ask him for what I want. He scales it out, bags it, and gives it to me. I then walk out of said house with said weed in my hoody pocket.
  4. Yeah i dont usually do crazy things

    but if its dank dank dank then i will put it in my trunk

    other then that glove compartment

    i usually pick up during the day so if a cop pulls me over they usually are just pulling me

    over for the reason (speeding, running red light) stuff like that

    also when i have weed in my car though i drive a lot safer then usual

    so i guess some would say i should always have weed in my car so i drive better
  5. Yeahh ur rite I probably will start to leave it home. I normally put in the backpack and throw some books in it but now they stink so I'll probably have to think of a new idea. Any ideas?

  6. I drive better too but you never know police may be watching you. Lol I'm just a little paranoid from watchin dea
  7. Never put it in your glovebox. What it you get pulled over? Also, my buddy used to keep his there and onetime he got pulled over. When the cop gave his registration back he said "You shouldn't keep your weed in your glovebox, makes everything else smell like it". He didnt care, just told him to smarten up about where to stash it.
  8. My dad used to buy weed off the coffee truck guy at his work. He would pay him and he would get the weed in a coffee cup. In the car if he got pulled over, the cop wouldn't want to search the car because there would be so many coffee cups laying around :laughing:
  9. Ya places I heard not to keep it was the glove box and console
  10. I walk out of my house to my dealer's car, I hand him the money, he hands me the ganj, I insert said ganj in the space between my genitals and side of leg and walk back into my house. Easy.
  11. Slip the weed (if your driving) in the pouch things on the backs of the front seats. Works like a charm.

  12. I agree with this guy, I tell people all the time not to leave their shit in the glove box
  13. I have a pontiac G6, and the air conditioner things are perfect for about an 1/8:D all you have to do is close it, and your all good:hello:
  14. 1. Drive up to his house, walk inside and after the stuff has been exchanged, he has two big black guys walk me back to my car (since it's in one of the most dangerous parts of South Florida lol) The two black guys are chill as fuck, they hook me up with free dutches all the time :smoke:

    2. He drives up to a park near my house, I hop in, we do the deal, he drops me off at my house.

    3. He comes to my extremely wealthy friends house, comes around back and chills by the pool for a while smoking his black, always tells me some funny shit or some story about the last run he made to re-up and occasionally his black goes around a few times.

    I haven't bought any large amounts from this guy so it's usually just in my pocket. He has a little flap in his car that you can drop the weed down through the floorboards which is cool as fuck :)
  15. where the fuck did you find this dude?
  16. Everything illegal goes in the trunk. Always. Even if it's just a gram. Even if it's YOUR gram. Trunk. Idgaf.

  17. lol why? Is there something amazing about him? lmfao

  18. i would say that sending body guards out with customers is pretty damn amazing:cool:

  19. I was thinking the same thing. Much cooler then my dealer

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