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Transporting pot cookies

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Kimvia, May 15, 2010.

  1. Ok, so a friend and I make some pot cookies on Wednesday. I'm leaving this afternoon to visit family. we made too many cookies, so I still have three or four left over. I want to just take them with me, but I'm really paranoid about transporting things in my car... Can you get in trouble for having a few pot cookies on you, with NO paraphernalia or regular pot or anyhting else? Where is the best place to put it in the car?
  2. Also, how fast will the cookies go bad? If they'll last a week fine then I'd be inclined to just leave them here. Would it help to refrigerate or freeze them?
  3. Since they have marijuana in them yes, you can indeed get charged if you get pulled over and cops find them.

    But dude, it's not heroin, it's cookies.

    Just wrap them in some tin foil and put them in a sandwich bag.
  4. 1. Pack a "lunch" with a sandwich, some fruit, and the cookied in a brown bad. It just looks like you brought food for the ride.

    2. Go to the local store and buy a bag of cookies that look like your, or a bag that you can't see through all the way. Add your cookies to the bottom of the bag.

    3. Freeze them. They are good for months.

    4. Put them in a box, in a bagie with some other things like a paperback book, and a few CD's, and send they via UPS. It just looks like a care package and won't draw any attention.

    Don't worry, you will be fine!
  5. ur fine dude...a cops not gonna bust you for having cookies in your car. give him one to prove it, by the time he finds out, you will be gone and he will betoo stoned to drive hahaha

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