Transporting herb thru airline luggage inspection.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Russell, Aug 9, 2002.

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  1. Hi,

    Has anyone any ideas about transporting small amounts of herb for personal use through airline inspection stations of luggage?


  2. its really not a good idea, no matter what you do chances are you will still get cought, its really not worth it anymore. But if your still thickheaded enough to try, put your bag of smoke into a ziplock bag then put it in a shampo bottle.
  3. ...and if yor still scard put the shampoo in 2 more baggies :D just to be sure
  4. Now that\'s an interesting idea.......

    I bet dandruff shampoo would be even safer. Isn\'t selenium a metal? x-ray proof.

    Cool info. ;)
  5. How about in the cavaties of a guitar? But then I don\'t know w lot about drug sniffing dogs. When you think about it, it\'s really east probably. I mean, if you extract it into oil or butter, then there\'s a million ways, and you cant bring way more of it. And the shampoo thing. That\'s a fucking good idea.
  6. Easy one this... works a treat and hasn\'t let me down yet.

    1. It only works with hash.

    2. Cut the hash into pencil thin strips and stick it in those little dinky plastic bags that self seal and are waterproof.

    3. Pop the bagged hash into a slightly larger bag but don\'t seal.

    4. Pour white spirit or turps into the open bag then seal.

    5. Open up the end of a toothpaste tube and insert the bag.

    6. Reseal the tube.

    7. There you go.....
  7. YES! and being the idiot that i am, i just remembered the best part, being able to smuggle them back to where you came from! hell, i could go around to different coffeeshops and buy a vast amount of hash to put into shampoo and toothpaste!
  8. never flown out of contry...but i always just put the weed in my pocket when i go on a plan here in the states.....
  9. making butter or other cooked stuff is ur best bet.

    the scanners can see a solid mass in ur shampoo bottle then ur fucked.
  10. I would keep it on me at all times down my pants sealed in baggie then put into somthing small that will hold warter.
  11. grab a 16 oz pop bottle... fill it to the top with weed... put the cap on, put something on it to seal it, wash it... put lube on it, the ram it up your ass... mabey a little difficult.. or even a lot... but it will be funny as hell seeing you walk around!! ..::points and laughs::..

    hehe jk man.. i dont advise that anyone takes it on a plane... its just not worth the risk... but if you do.... go with my plan ;)
  12. yeah same here.
  13. in a domestic flight SWIM was kinda stupid and just double baged an 8 of some sentimental cali bud and put it in a check through bag. The bag was checked and dug through and all that but for some reason the bud was not touched. They even opened up a box that had a big chunk of chocolate in it in my bag (cus it looks like a bomb or something in their scanners). Thus, I believe the biggest factor with smuggling weed is luck. tape it under your balls if you dont share my views
  14. ...get one of those round \'gift\' cheeses that are covered in coloured wax to keep it fresh (edam or similar - the \'smellier\' the better for obvious reasons)...cut a 3 inch round \'plug\' out of the bottom (keep the plug) - hollow out the inside of the cheese - stuff your gear (bagged and sealed twice) inside...replace the wax/cheese plug and with a lighter gently melt the wax coating and smooth over - should be a perfect match if done properly (some cheeses have a paper label on that can peeled off and restuck over the \'plug\' for extra \'stealth\'...put the whole thing in a fridge for a couple of hours to harden the cheese and help disguise any \'non-cheesy aromas\'...

    ...some of these \'gift\' cheeses also come in a little wooden presentation box with straw in...maybe the whole thing could be posted as a prezzie over the xmas period if you\'re not up for \'walkin thru\' with it?...
  15. yeah, greetings from germany

    never tried to take some on a flight, i would not either.

    but i really think, if they find a strip \"of something?\" in your shampoo, you\"re really f...

    if you wanna try a save flight, see my funpage

    by the way, i could not find a recipe for cookies, even by searching, and now its time for cookies...
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