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  1. i live in spain and moving soon and have my first small grow now, just 5 plants. So, i want to move and the plants have to move with me.i know having 2 plants for personal use is legal here, but possession, transport and consum of the buds are not. what do you thínk about the transport of vegging/flowering plants?

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    What is there to think about. It's legal or it's not. I live in a legal state and it's not a big deal to see plants. Either you can or you can't.
  3. So you want to grow more weed than legal and are asking if its ok?
  4. i ask if its legal to tansport 1 or 2 plants. i have to add that the cops here dont care much about weed.
  5. all you need is common sense and a set of balls
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  6. ok the thing is that i move far and there sure will be controls :laughing:
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    Just don't break the law..driving fast or anything stupid like that. If you drive carefully, you will more than likely be fine.
    Edit: If you think there is a chance that you'll be caught, and might get in trouble, go with that feeling and don't take the can always plant more.
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  8. [quote name="RedRose" post="19403852" timestamp="1390659091"]ok the thing is that i move far and there sure will be controls :laughing:[/quote]3 years ago i had to do the same thing, idk how far youre moving but mine was about a 2 hour drive away and had to transport 6 budding plants, yeah i couldve planted more but im hard headed lol. I put the plants in my truck before sunrise and moved with the morning traffic. My truck smelled so bad if i wouldve been pulled over i was fucked, i passed a couple cops but i made it safe and i live on the east coast pa in a state where mj use is not accepted let alone cultivationWeigh the risks and if you take the chance like i said common sense as in follow all driving laws and what not
  9. "You've got to ask yourself one question - Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk!?"
  10. Follow what your gut tells you to do. I transported 3 six feet tall plants last year. It was only a 20 minute drive but still risky of course. I had a friend follow me to help shield me from cops and curious drivers.
  11. put it in a trailer with all your other stuff?
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