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  1. Whats up guys,
    I live in north eastern USA, the weather isnt great now but its past the last frost im pretty sure. Its anywhere from 50 to 70 right now with the summer comming.
    I got some plants that have their roots poking through the peat moss cups ive got em in, the tallest being about 10 inches probably. Is it ok to transplant them outside?
  2. If it doesn't get below 40 at nights then you can transplant without stunted growth. I like to wait until my plants get their 4th node until they go do have a soil mixuture right? Not just plopping them into the ground>
  3. Yeah ive got tons of nutrients, root rally, buddah grow, infinity, and great soil in the area. Im not really sure what notes are, but the tallest one has 5 sets of leaves including the two small ones on bottom. It shouldnt get below 40 but it just hasnt been great weather and isnt supposed to be real sunny for at least a few days... Im just nervous with all of them having roots poking out already
  4. Sounds like your good to go then man....nodes are the sets of leaves/branches...if I were you i'd get some pro-mix, unless you;ve grown in your native soil before then good for you,.
  5. Ive done it once last year, the thing is i just dont want em to go outside and get thrashed from wind or fucked up from the cold
  6. Im actually not moving them outside today, its sunny now but extremely windy, i brough em out and they got thrashed a bit so theyre back inside
  7. Lol man your just being over protective. Go dig your hole/get your pots, put the soil in/adds, stake it, put a fence around em. Sit back and toke one.

    You gots a specific strain?
  8. Weather channel says there are 20mph winds right now i just dont want em to break, i know some wind will strengthen the stalks but.
    Strain is Sweet Blue, and there not fenced off there in a woods a bit so, a little worried about the spot that they might not get enough sunlight but ive got no where else to put em.

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