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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by justanherb, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Is it necessary to start my seeds in a small container and then transplant to a bigger one? I have seen people use party cups as their starting container and then transplant, but is there an advantage to doing that instead of starting them in a larger pot such as a 3 gallon? Thanks for the help
  2. No i dont think it matters, I only did it that way because i saw everyone doing it, but ill try just putting it into the final container i use when i start a new grow and then see how that goes
  3. alright sweet. thanks for the help
  4. No way!
    You need a first step befor you take another,so what im saying is if you put a seedling in a big pot of soil the soil will stay too wet for a long time.
    not to good pluss its a waste of soil and food
    Also it will grow at a snails pace,better to form a good root base in a smaller pot befor hand....
  5. yip totally wat he says

    i usually use 3 sizes of pots from start to finish.root formation is everything for a healthy crop
  6. but how do you know its time to transplant
  7. i always start in a party cup first, this is to make a nice root base. if started in a huge bucket first, the plant will grow slow and the root base will be a little weak. I usually start in a party cup then to a 3 gal.
    you know when its time to transplant when you see roots comming out of the drainage holes.
  8. Yea always start in a small container or pot just because the root base will always be stronger..

    Its like a fish is thrown in a huge ocean(the final container) compareed to starting out in a small fishtank (beginners cup)

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