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  1. Why do people do so many transplant's? Could one simply go from the 16OZ cup and transplant into a 5 gallon pail or even one step better and simply start in a 5 gallon pail?

    What is the benefit to transplanting into a small pot after the cup then to a medium pot then a large one? it seems like a lot of opportunities to screw up?

    teach me :)
  2. I usually go straight from a quart of dirt to 4.5 or 5 gallons. My second run I did some both ways and to be honest the girls who went straight to 5 gallons grew faster for me, but maybe I wasn't johnny on the spot enough with the transplant timing. I have read some people saying "the roots stretch" if you put them in too much dirt, but that sounds kinda bunk to me. Every boy I've ever pulled out has taken the entire 5 gallon rootball with it and had grown completely through every cubic inch beyond a doubt.

  3. I agree. After my seeds germ I sprout them in 4" pots, when they've outgrown that they go into the final big pots.

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