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  1. ive been growing a plant for little over a week now, its a few inches tall with 4 pot leaves and two cotyledon that look like theyre about to fall off. at the moment, its in one of those red plastic cups in some miracle grow soil.

    when i transplant into a larger pot, im going to use a purely organic soil with no ferts since i heard miracle gro is bad for growing marijuana because of the ferts. after the transplant would it be safe to use ferts, since there will still be some miracle grow soil in the pot? or will that burn my plant?

    also, when is a normal time to transplant? how long and tall will the plant grow before there is a need to transplant?
  2. If you see roots coming out or kinda of peaking through the drainage holes its a good time to transplant. I would wait till its 2 weeks old to transplant. I usually start mine in those cups then after 2 weeks put them in 3 gal containers. A good time to transplant is late in the light cycle, that way they have the night to recover. After a transplant nute uptake and such will be slowed for a while. So I would wait like 2 days to start nutes. Just make sure to use diluted nutes when you start and don't over do it.

    Good job on getting some better soil. They're going to love it. :smoking:
  3. i have the plants on a 24/0 schedule right now. i dont have a timer yet, and sticking with an exact light schedule was becoming difficult and i didnt want to have stress induced hermies. should i put the plants in darkness for about 6 hours after the transplant, even with a 24/0?

    and for nutes, would a 1/4 concentration be a good start?

    very helpful answer, thanks a lot!
  4. I would give them at least 6 hours of darkness to rest. As for the nutes thats a good strength to start at, just make sure to flush your plants every 2 weeks to avoid salt build ups.

    Yea np dude, always happy to help. :smoke:

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