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    I have some plants i am going to need to transplant pretty soon. Whats the best way to transplant them without shocking them to bad? Any advice is appreciated, thanks
  2. Listen if you can turn the planter you have them in upside down ( Soils dry) hold the stem firmly do not break or rip it, and try to twist it out keepingthe soil and roots intact. I did that yesterday and it was prolly the best transplant I ever did, Plants didnt stress at all.
  3. ok im prob. gonna try that within the next week, the one other thing is these plants were started in MG organic soil so should i keep them in that soil in the next pot i move them to?
  4. Thats up to you I did the same thing (used Mg soil) I decided to keep with it and just lay off h20 nuting them and give them just water and some love, If I do nute them I use Earth Juice and its a low concentrate. Earth Juice I feel because its organic is a lil more forgiving to your plants rather than using a pure chem. Im on my first grow but I really do believe that a lot of people on here overcomplicate their grows with ph readings and nutrient concoctions. But like I said this is my first grow,
  5. Transplanting when the roots are moist is best to cut down on shock. If the roots are dry, they're fragile and shock easily.

    Water, wait a good 6 hours or so, to let them dry a bit, then tip over, let stem go through your fingers, and work the pot and rootball apart gently so it comes out in one mass.

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