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  1. just a quick ? can you change/ transplant to a hydro set-up after being in the 12/12 cycle for 2 wks. ? any other info on the subject would be appreciated.
  2. I'm not going to chance it now, Ijust check the kids this morning and they are starting to have little white hairs growing off the nodes(pistils/stamen?). So I'm not even gonna chance it on these plants. My hydros were going so well that i thought I might want to transplant the other ones.

    I would still like to know just for hell of it tho.

    I have a question about the white hairs, is it normal for them to grow out of the nodes that have no leaves on them.

    they are visible on the nodes that were left after i clipped off the first leaves that were dying, the ones that they first sprout with.

    Another question has any one ever grown hydros with just vermiculate and perlite, they only had peat moss at the store.
    And I wasn't sure if that was the right stuff, so I just mixed equal parts of the other 2. I put a layer of that white stuffing shit that you put in pillows on the bottom of the pots so that nothing would run thru the holes. It seems to be working well the plants are healthy, I transplanted them in to these pots 2 days ago and there are no signs of stress. They are growing well, just wonderd if the peat was essential, I would remix and replant them if necassary.

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