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  1. can you transplant 1 week old sprouts if they hav streched a litllle and the second leaves are showing into their permanant homes as i wanna keep the height of my plants to minimum of 2-3foot dont really wanna tall one, closet growing. stealth
  2. I waited until mine were at least 2 weeks old, to me one week seems a bit early. You prolly could pull it off, just be very, very careful.
  3. Dont chance it....let them get established for a couple weeks first. They cant stretch too much in a couple weeks, so you wont be gaining anything.
  4. ok cool ill giv it time just there stalling a bit they were growing fast and now their stunted just wondering if i planted em to low or woteva as they look like they need transplanting what do ya think?, ill get some pics neways

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    what size pot? how tall are the plants? more info is needed. I have transplanted seedlings with no problems. it just depends how healthy they are and how gentle you are. but as the other said, I would wait until they have established themselves a little more before transplanting, just to be safe.
  6. well their about 3-4 inches tall fromthe top ov the soil and my pots are 6inch deep and im gonna transplant em into 8-10inch pots for perminant homes. yeah their green and healthey, real healthy and ive transplanted many plants before so im pretty careful. i think i wil wait for a bit. cheers

  7. you shouldn't have any problems waiting. the pot is plenty big enough to keep your seedlings happy for a couple weeks. that way you can transplant them when they are a little more stable. good luck with the grow. :smoking:
  8. I like to look into the hole at the bottom of the containter. If I see a lot of roots I start looking for a bigger part. If you see nothing yet, then don't think about transplanting yet.
  9. cool yeah im gonna wait a bit there not drooping yet or out so its all good!

    to Green Stem i have done that and 1 of my plants has 3-4 roots coming through and more keep coming the other only has 1 or 2?

    what do yaz think?

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