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  1. if i start a seed in a regular 8 oz plastic cup...

    do i have to transplant it when it gets a certain size or can i keep it in that cup and it just wont get much bigger.....

    one of my friends keeps a black light on his 24 hours a day...

    is that ok????

    or would it grow better with a 16/8 light/dark


    how big will they get if i do have to transplant them
  2. HIGH All, yes they'll be ok for a week or so and then the need to transplant. Our sacred plant likes lots of foot room and the more you give them in this young stage will make them a stronger plant in the end.

    BLACK LIGHT?????? Deep six it and get floro's.
    Read and Read somemore my much info out there it's sicking.
  3. OH yea, you need to go bigger with the pot.

    I planted a seed in a cup just to see what would happen, it didn't get much over 4-5". I left in in for 2 months, no more growth either, but it didn't die. I did find out its a male

    Ive since put it in a larger pot to see how much it will grow, In a weeks time its taking right off.
  4. Black lights dont really work at all, its way better to use fluros
  5. use fluros for approx the first week, then switch to a HPS or MH, HPS is best all round though..........for a full growth go no smaller than a 3 gallon pot...........Peace out..........Sid

    i plant straight into 5 gallon pots.......less transplanting
  6. thanks for the tips....

    to grow hydro...

    could i just buy one of those plant and fish kits at a craft place and put a sprout in there instead of the plant that comes with????

    would that work??????

    i might still put the fish in...

    that could be funny

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