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  1. I'm currently in my first grow and am curious to how many times people typically transplant from seed to harvest.

    I started mine in a solo cup, transplanted to a gallon pot, then again to a 3 gallon pot. Now, I've recently acquired 5 gallon smart pots and am debating transplanting again to those or just leaving them in my 3 gallon pots. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I did 2 time start smaller them for a 5 gal

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  3. Sorry I don't completely understand your reply. You're saying it would have been best to transplant from a smaller pot to the 5 gallon one?

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  4. Yes thats what i did. From the small to the 5gal and harvest

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  5. Bigger pot= bigger root system = bigger plant = bigger yield
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  6. Awesome, looks like I'll be transplanting again then. On the next grow, could I transplant from the solo cup directly to the 5 gallon smart pot without any issues, or should I use something in between?

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  7. I grow Photos and go from Solo (when leaves reach the drip line) directly to 5 gallon fabric problems..
    For some reason they seem to grow faster once transplanted..The opposite of what I expect..
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  8. I start all my plants in 3 gallons pots all way to harvest I'm lazy don't wanna transplant shit plus if you don't know what your doing you can slow down growth all kinds of problems

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  9. Hell.. I have no idea what I'm doing, and no issues here ..LMAO
  10. Thanks for the great information everyone. I think the next grow I'll be going from solo cup to 5 gallon smart pot. Less time spent in transplant shock

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