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  1. I am bringing my plants from inside to outside because some stuff happened. They are 3 weeks old and 3 days into flowering the 12/12. What can I do and what should I do?
  2. If you want them to keep on flowering, you have to use a box and place it for 12/12 every day.
    Or else they will reveg and grow until the flower again in beg/mid August.
  3. Put them in the ground in full sun and let them grow. They will finish by October normally.

  4. They are already a foot tall. How tall do you think they will get being out there that long?
  5. Oh and where I'm at the sunrises at 8 and goes down at 7:30 what does that mean?
  6. is it Spring where you are? or Fall?
  7. It's the spring where I am. I'm guessing the sun isn't putting the right color spectrum for the plants to go into flowering even with 12/12
  8. If you place them outdoors on 12/12 (with a box) they'll flower. Around mid July (or earlier if you dare) you can stop the box trick and they'll keep on flwoering until the end of the season. But yeah the best is in the Summer for flowering you're right.
  9. Today was a cloudy day so I took them inside to the red lights. Would be okay to take them back and forth between my closet and outside for the light schedule. Bring them in at 10hr and take them out when the sun I rising? Good or bad? Don't wanna shock them
  10. gradually get them to be at 12/12 outdoors with a box if you want them to conitnue flowering. The sun is much stronger so, yeh, also don't give them too many hours of direct sun light at first (but on 12/12 still).
  11. Alright would a cardboard box work?
  12. yes, don't leave any leaks in the cardboard for it to work. Check the temps under the box (20-28 celsius). People use this method to flower late sativas earlier or to finish any mj seed earlier.
  13. Alright hell yeah man learning something new everyday. I'll give this a try today forsure
  14. You asked how tall they would get, since you are planting them at that size already (assuming they are healthy), they may get anywhere from 4ft to 11ft tall. I planted a few super silver haze last year around the end of spring and my tallest female was 10.3 feet. If height is an issue then read some of the stickies on LST (low stress training) and fimming. As a general rule though, those sativas will skyrocket and the indicas will hang out closer to the ground. Good luck!
  15. My baby comeback inside about a week ago for flowering. But outside made it pretty strong
  16. yeah that sunlight will really boost them up! nothing like 50,000 lumens per sq meter!

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