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Transplanting without shock

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by oceansgreen, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. I garden other things and am used to starting plants indoors and moving them out when its warm enough, well this summer i was planning on starting some MJ plants indoors in a small grow box(not big enough to actually grow in) and then move them outside after approx 2wks-1month but my problem is, given the legality of the plant i can't move them outside to strengthen them up because my roomies arent cool with it so,

    QUESTION: is there a way to strengthen plants for transplanting without taking them outside for a few hours/a day for a few weeks before?
  2. you dont always have to gradually introduce them to outdoors like that. the soil you move them to outside should be similar (if not the same) to what you were using indoors. also keep the same watering schedules, and keep your indoor grow box the same temp as the outdoors will be when you move them out.
  3. Two questions.. Why did you post in an outdoor section if you can't plant outdoors? And, why are you worried about transplant shock?

    Cannabis is a weed, not an orchid. Any amount of shock you might put on the plant won't matter as long as you don't tear many roots, which is just like tomatoes and other plants.

    If you're having a specific problem then we can be more helpful. But you need to tell us things like plant size, age, strain, pot size, etc.
  4. thx for the pointers and help man
    EDIT: posted in outdoor cus thats where they'll be most of thier life, sry bro
  5. Ah I see. So you're gonna plant them at some spot outside, but you wanted to do the transplant recovery work outside your place.

    In that case, I've seen a lot of success with reducing shock (in a general sense) if you cool down the root mass 10-15 degrees, be it from placing the pots in ice-water or otherwise. The root ball compresses and reduces the chance of tearing newly formed root tissue.

    Other than that..the transplant should be okay, even if you don't cool the roots down.
  6. A 30 day old plant needs little hardening off oceangreen. Pick a day when its going to rain and be cloudy for the next couple of days and youre good.

    3 things can cause serious transplant shock.
    1.Pot size: a small pot that cramps up roots always leads to transplant shock. A 30 day old plant needs a minimum of 16oz cup, but 1 gallon is better.

    2.Major lighting swings: if you have your seedllings on 18 hrs light and then pitch them outdoors under 14. Especially if this chang comes between 4 and 6 weeks when cannabis is establishing it sexuality.

    3. Age: the older a plant is, the more likely it will go through transplant shock. If you transplant a 24" plant thats been grown indoors for 60 days into the outdoors, and you plant a 12" plant thats been grown indoors for 30 days, the 12" plant will almost always surpass the 24" plant because the 24" plant sits there and doesnt grow for 2 weeks because it is shocked, but the 12" plant roots and takes off in its new enviroment.

    Thats what i think anyway...
  7. i think hardening off is important i really do notice a change in the plants they are kinda subtle but there is a diffrence.

    yo clodhopper u gonna do a grow journal this season??:D
    im so excited man my first real guerrilla grow XD.
    in your opinion how many plants do you think a beginner should grow??
  8. I like to flick them and wrestle with them the first couple weeks. Tough love!
  9. so, considering all this it'd prob be better to only start them two weeks early and keep them on a 16/8 cycle to reduce shock? and watering with ice water can cause shock as well so maybe i'll slowly reduce the temp of the water...
    and flicking might actually help, we have STRONG winds around her at times which is really the most dangerous thing for them
  10. I suppose you could LST them and run a fan on medium speed fairly close to them to get the plants used to the wind. If you have time I would definitely do that.
  11. thx for all the ideas guys
    +rep just for helping me out

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