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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by seedling4life, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I just started germinating about 2 weeks ago, and 2 of the plant are not able to hold themselves up, I am transplanting today and I was wondering how much of the stem I can put under the soil; Can I put the stem underground just below were the round leaves are?
  2. Yes, but you're also going to need to address the issues that are causing the problem.

    Suspect lack of light.
  3. Thanks man, I need to confirm this right away, I have to transplant today, the roots are starting to stick out the net that covers the pellets.
    I started giving them light a few days ago, so that could be the problem, but it think it could be lack of nutrients because the roots are looking for soil...
  4. definately lack of light, seedlings will stretch like crazy when theyre hungry for it, & you dont have to bury them too deep, just use a twist tie to hold it up, drop your light & get some air movement happening to stiffin the stem.....remember, you must create an outdoor environment indoors, to maximize efficiency.
  5. Thanks suspect, I transplanted and gave them all the lights I had and they are doing much better now, they stopped streching.
    I have 8 plants, 6 are bagseeds from good herb, the other 2 are skunk kush from sensi seeds, and they are not doing very well, I started with 6 and only 2 germinated, and those 2 had problems separating from the seed, and then the leaves could not open because of the film that covers them, I had to remove both things very carefully.
    They germinated about a week ago, they are xtremely short and you can see that the fan leaves are starting to come out but its been like that for 3 days and there is no new growth, it looks like something stunt their growth.
    Any ideas? I have superthrive, should I give them some?
  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......Id have to say that all you can do now is wait, make sure that new growth is still alive & healthy, and youre using ph corected water, sometimes the tap-root can get abit of root-rot, and survive, but this sends the seedling into shock for a little while, but the plant should resume normal growth, do not over water, & no nutes, let me know what happens,
  7. I have no idea about what will happen or what I will do in case I have a PH issue, I have been trying to find a ph meter but its another thing that you can't find here; i'll have to order one online and wait a couple of weeks before it gets to me; I did use soil, and worm castings with a ph of 6.5
    I basically moved them away from direct light and covered them as if they were germinating still, I read what sensi has on their site about germinating F1 hybrids and according to them they should stay there for a long time, away from direct sunlight, up to the 3rd or 4th fan leaf.

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