Transplanting, want to change medium

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  1. I decided i do not want to go into flower using what i have in my pots now. I also want to pot up from a 3gallon fabric to 5gallon fabric. It is just promix organic mix with some perlite added in. Had no problems my first grow kind of got away with not checking anything (ph, ppm) and just using plain tap to water. I say get away with because I feel my yield/dankness suffered although i didnt have any visible issues.

    Now on my second grow using same promix and its not going so well. Anyways I have already decided to transplant today before I water and feed. Will be using promix hp, worm castings and a little bit of perlite mixed together. Will also be ditching the advanced nutrients micro/grow/bloom and will be going with emerald harvest micro/grow/bloom, emerald harvest honey chome and big bud.

    Can anyone recommend adding anything to this soil mix? I have heard of people adding lime and read that its not really necessary it can be used straight out of the bag. Im only adding extra perlite because im throwing in about 20% worm castings.
    They are about 45 days veg, would I want to wait 2 weeks from now to flip to flower so they can be allowed to adjust or bounce back from transplant? Is 2 weeks enough?
    Any imput would be great I am going to get this done by the end of the day regardless because I can see my plants need it.

    Just for reference my temps are 77-81, humidity at 50-55% watering every 4ish days feeding every other watering. Using LST and topped every plant. When I pull the tops down toward the ground they are facing the light again within half a day so i know they are OK they just need more. I have a ph meter and a tds meter as well i just calibrated the ph meter last night and will be checking every time I water now and the runoff. 20190816_134801.jpg 20190816_140433.jpg

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  2. Heading back to hydro store right now to get some dolomitic lime and ph up/down. If anyone has any advice for or against this please speak now or forever hold your peace lol thanks

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  3. Calmag works, otherwise dolomite lime yup, good source of calcium and ph buffer, just not exactly sure how the dolomite lime works in terms to adding to neutral soil or high/low ph soil

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  4. I think lime brings the ph down.
  5. Ya the lime is supposed to keep the mix from getting too acidic

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  6. Hey thanks! Ya ph is main reason why im adding the lime

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  7. Went to my local shop and 3 canadian tires near me and none of these mfers had dolomite lime so i said fck it and made the mix without. I can always topdress if need be down the line. Now that i dont have the lime mixed in would you say i should get some calmag to add to the base nutes/boosters?

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