transplanting using coco and air pots?

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  1. Is it ok to transplant using this medium? Started my grow from seeds in 3L air pots and want to transplant into bigger air pots. Anyone got any experience transplanting using air pots?

    Cheers :)
  2. I don't have an answer for your question just questions for you. I'm about two buy 2 sets of air pots a .8gal and either 3gal or 5gal pots. My questions are, why are you transplanting? Is it due to the growth slowing? I'm just curious since I haven't yet ordered mine. From what I've seen transplanting with airpots is pretty easy due to the pot being able to be deconstructed and the airpots are made specifically for easier transplanting.
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    How long has your plants been in the pots? If they have already been air pruning then the root mass should be nice and dense, meaning that they won't fall apart when undone. Transplanting with coco coir is very easy. 1- break up your coco block or brick and place it in some kind of filter bag. I use a gaf bag with a size of 150 micron. The coco I bought was GH cocoCoco tek. It had a high ppm of over 700 of salts, I rinsed the coco down to 40-50 ppm. I have great water with a ppm of 25. After rinsing. Place into a bucket with alitte water. Now you are ready fill the pot to the higheth needed then place your plant into the pot a begin filling it in with the coco coir. It will go into the pot very easy, you should leave about a inch from the top and use hydroton to fill the rest as this will stop channeling when watering. I have 1 in the 3.4 gal air pot and 3 in the 1 gal. Also 1 in a .8 gal. They are very nice to grow in. I would definitely get a ppm and ph meter for growing in coco. I hope this helps. You could use a old pillow case to rinse the coco.
  4. i veg in 4x4 rockwool and then prior to flowering, transplant em into air pots. they initially receive a deep watering/feeding. this is followed by a day or two or three of no feedings to help dry out the medium and promote root growth. once the roots are established within the pot, feeding increases to twice a day. i always allow for plenty of runoff as well. hope this helps.

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