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  1. Okay, so I know that transplanting causes shock to the plants and using different soil will increase that shock - but I used Miracle Gro Moisture control, it was all I could get my hands on at the time. One plant seems to be faring okay, but the other is yellowing from the tip down on the first leaves.

    I think this is a nute burn, and I want to know if in the long run, using a different soil will be better for the plant, even considering the transplant shock (it's in a small pot now, going to 2.5 gallon most likely)

    I can have pics up in a little while if required, but if anyone could answer me this, I'd be grateful.

    NOTE: I know it's not much better, but the best I can do is probably Miracle Gro organic. Nowhere around here sells fox farm, or really any other highly recommended brand I've found. :(
  2. Using different soil should be a lot better for the plant. Using shitty soil for your plant is like forcing it to live on SPAM and pre-packaged little debby sweet foods. If you get the right soil, you'll be feeding your plant what it needs.

    I wouldn't transplant into more Miracle Grow. Growing marijuana demands that you do it right, or you'll be able to tell. Invest the time, effort, and money into the correct components and you'll be thankful later on.

    Any local soil should work. Look for a hydroponic store around you, and call them up and ask what they carry. Chances are, they'll have quite a few soils. Some even carry a local organic soil. Just look around, do some phone calls.
  3. This is really an experimental grow, though. I can't afford to spend that much on soil right now, if I had the money I'd just order FFOF online. My travel is also limited. So basically, I guess what I'm asking is - Should I just TP it into moisture control again? My options are these:

    Miracle Gro Organic Choice
    Earthgro Potting Soil
    Green Thumb Potting Soil
    Some no-name brand soil

    There is also a bigger selection of topsoils, but I've heard not to use topsoils. This question is turning out to be a beginner question and should probably be in that category, but I figured I'd use this thread instead of a new one.
  4. I went from MG organic and transplanted into Ocean Forest and it shocked it for a few days but was good after that
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    plts - Imgur

    Here's the pics. The one in the big pot of MGMC is doing fine, a tiny bit of nute burn but it isn't spreading.

    The smaller one however, is spreading. Could this be due to the size of the 'pot' it's in? I think it's just nutrient burn. I know it's obviously a different strain but I'm just looking for last opinions on those soil links I posted.

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