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  1. Hey, I know a few of you have critizied my choice to start out growing in (the half soda can). The plant has gotten to be 2-3 inches tall now and I need to transplant it. I plan on probably carefully cutting the can so I can easilt take everything out and not really have to force it out by turning it upside down.

    which comes to my question:
    Generally...when the plant is that big (2-3 inches tall) how big will the roots be? Like...will they be a huge mess or only a few strands. Also are there any general tips to help my plant survive this transplant to a bigger pot? I plan on being very careful and gentle as to not damage any it.

    (I know the pics are kinda bad but i do what i can with my shitty cam heh)

    -the 2nd pic is my bootleg fan rig...I mounted an 80mm computer fan on to a small box and fixed it up to stand. then i connected the fan into my computer.

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  2. Roots on that puppy should not be to bad. When you transplant, make sure you fill your entire pot with soil. I see in your first pic it looks like the little pot is not even filled up all the way and that is a waste. How big a pot are you going? I would think an 8" or a gallon pot would be fine for now. Good luck.

  3. It didnt even cross my mind to fill it entirely...:confused:

    I will probably be going with an 8" pot for for now and then moving on to a big bucket at the point I move it outside. Or just directly into the ground...havent quite decided which would work out better for the area.
  4. Fill a bucket with your dirt. Then cut the bottom of the soda can and just stimply place it in there. If you want. That way its easyer on the plant. It will just push the roots down through the can into the bucket.
    P.S. just go with the bigger pot ( or bucket ) its better in the long way. Less transplanting.

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