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transplanting seedlings to hydro.

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by pooldude, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. iv'e got a few more questions ..when do i transplant my seedlings from the seed starter disks ..i know i have to rinse off the roots with luke warm water first ...also when do i top the plants and how often i don't know what the seeds are but the bud that they came from was excellent..also i don't know how tall the plants will get...i cant let the plant get much taller than 4 feet ...the last time i grew the damn closet looked like a jungle and i had plants growing and tied every direction...also would it be ok to switch to my hps and start flowering at say 4 weeks to keep the height under control..my last grow took only 9 weeks from seed to bud but i don't have the seeds anymore..BUMMER..those plants were sweet and smooth..thanks
  2. You can start flowering once the plant is around 12" high, so by the 4 week stage should be ok, the plant will generally double in size during the flowering period.
    good luck.

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