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  1. Hello

    I planted 3 Kaya Gold plants into a 1 gallon bucket. Too long to explain why I did it, but now I need to separate them into their own homes.

    What is best and safest way to transplant those 3 girls into their own buckets?


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  2. about the only way i can see is to loosen the soil around the roots (GENTLY) and replant --- Erb
  3. The way it stands right now, it seems that it will be very hard to do...
  4. I agree with erb -- very gently.
  5. if you separate them you will break roots, thats just going to happen. however, they will bounce back, it wont kill them

    an alternative is just to leave them together. if they are going to kept together anyway just leave them in the same pot, just use a larger comparable pot that will house all three. then bend and tie the stems outwards giving each plant the room it needs
  6. I would. It's just right now they are in 1 gallon pot

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